What is the correct spelling for WHART?

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Correct spellings for WHART

  • art "So thou art returned.
  • chart He forgot what he was saying, staring hard at the chart.
  • hart I pardon him with all my hart Dut.
  • harte I will suppose too, that the inland post on your side of the water has not done you justice; for I received but one single letter from you, and one from Mr. Harte, during your whole stay at Berlin; from whence I hoped for, and expected very particular accounts.
  • hat Let go my arm, and give me my hat.
  • heart Oh, you 'll break my heart, you will, you will!
  • thwart "Milor," said the King abruptly, putting a firm hand on Eglinton's wrist, "we must not allow that young fool to thwart the external politics of France any longer.
  • vat I am too vat.
  • wad He stared curiously at the crumpled wad and on impulse smoothed it out.
  • waft "Jolly glad I know where it is," he thought; "I've missed the thing, but how did it waft itself to a professional medium!
  • wait "No, dear, I'd like to wait.
  • want You want to know who she is, don't you?
  • war It is thus he would war!
  • ward May Christ's teaching soon be so fully understood that there will be no child anywhere like the shivering little boy in The Haunted Man, who was "used already to be worried and hunted like a beast, who crouched down as he was looked at, and looked back again, and interposed his arm to ward off the expected blow, and threatened to bite if he was hit"!
  • wart Everything was in his brain, even his ridiculous pity for Baxter and the angry-eyed little manager with the wart on his long nose.
  • warty There's a man living in this town, a man with small private means and a warty nose.
  • watt When the steam engine lay in its elementary state in the great laboratory of nature, it was an opportunity for James Watt; and by his accepting it, opportunity realized its own fulfillment, became its own blessing and a blessing to all mankind.
  • wear I have as good clothes as anybody when I choose to wear them.
  • wet I was among the first to reach the hotel near midnight of that awful day, tired, wet and hungry.
  • wharf Marseilles and the Crowd on the Wharf.
  • wharton The Duke of Wharton, son of the late Minister, had just come of age.
  • wheat A field of wheat was far more lovely in his eyes than the most picturesque bare rocks.
  • whet 77, as a whet to the appetite.
  • whir The more really alarming episodes of the road, the hoot and whir of a passing motor-car or the loud vibrating hum of a wayside threshing-machine, were treated with indifference.
  • whit Whit-well asked, when his chance for private conference with Westover came.
  • white Come down-give it up-" His white face caught attention.
  • wit This was a piece of rough wit, but it told the young man of his mistake.
  • wort Mash quick, run down quick, get your wort as fine as possible into your underbank; let your first mash stand two hours, your second one hour and three quarters.
  • Wast Of the bonds of the ocean which were locked with so strong chains He gave thee the keys, and thou wast obeyed in all the land, and among the Christians thou hast acquired a good and honourable reputation.
  • Wot Wot do yer want with it?
  • What Yet what else could be done?
  • Waite But Waite was troubled.
  • Walt "Walt, the spirit of adventure is lacking in you," laughed Jack.
  • Warts Cattle are affected with two varieties of warts.
  • what's What's all this they do?
  • airheadednesses