What is the correct spelling for WHATAVER?

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Correct spellings for WHATAVER

  • cadaver The human cadaver was never dissected, but a knowledge of anatomy was obtained from diagrams which were wholly hypothetical.
  • wader Along the shores of Fond du Lac we descry a long-legged wader , the phalarope.
  • wafer The serpent of the Acropolis, which daily ate the holy wafer , was the immemorial companion of the tutelary goddess of Athens.
  • waiter The waiter scratched his head, but could think of nothing more.
  • waive The Irish, however, claim that the great bulk of their people wanted disestablishment, and that Ireland could waive provisions made in her behalf; but it may be urged that the provision about the Church was made for the benefit not of Ireland, or its people, but of a minority there.
  • waiver A rule of three mode of stating the matter would be thus: as the inconvenience of Huckaback's parting with his ten shillings and his waiver of damages for a very cruel assault, were to his contingent gain, hereafter, of fifty pounds; so were Messrs.
  • water There must be water there.
  • waters We had moved with the entire mass that covered the Polar waters .
  • watery A line of communication was thus formed between the vessel and the shore, and every man on board was rescued from a watery grave.
  • wave "Well;" and Mr. Barradine made his first gesture-just a wave of the right hand.
  • waver She gave him at once the impression of something kept alive by a will-power so determined that Death himself could only stand aside and wait until it might waver .
  • weave And having gripped it, it was something around which her imagination could weave a web of noble fancy.
  • weaver 16,656. I am a weaver in Kirkwall.
  • whatever It was the man, by whatever name, he wanted.
  • whatsoever Anarchists-that is to say, men without chiefs-we fight against all who are invested or wish to invest themselves with any kind of power whatsoever .
  • wherever Will you come and see me, wherever it is?
  • whitener
  • whittier I guess you'll grow up to be a Mrs. Whittier .
  • whittler "Nothing truer than that," returned the whittler , brushing the litter from his lap.
  • Waived The Territory waived its right to reply.
  • Waved Saying this, she took hold of the end of the trunk with one hand and drew it to Stas, while she waved the other hand right and left, saying at the same time to the elephant: Elephant!
  • Weaved Buddy weaved dizzily in his tracks; nevertheless, his hand was steady, and he applied a gradually increasing pressure to the brake.
  • What But what could I do?
  • Whenever "The one thing clear to me is that if you had done what Mr. Acton suggested you could have lived in Victoria, and have seen me almost whenever you wished," she declared.
  • Whoever Isn't the smoke-house strong enough to keep out whoever comes?
  • Whitaker A sudden feeling of the wonder of this marriage overcame Alexander Whitaker .
  • whiter Her eyes seemed darker now than they had been before and her cheeks whiter .
  • wavier
  • who've "Ally, is there any chance whatsoever that-while you're out there-you could get me the names of some of the people who've been through the clinical trials?
  • whomever And yet-and yet-the little dog's joy and light-heartedness with himself showed that he had been well treated by whomever taught him his pretty tricks.
  • wartier
  • dis-harmonizing
  • epigastroid
  • epigean

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