What is the correct spelling for WHEICH?

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Correct spellings for WHEICH

  • chichi Some men's kismut's to bikin grais, and some to bikin kanis; but saw foki has their kismut, an' they can't pen chichi elsus.
  • each You have now known each other-" he began.
  • etch They etch their sharp lines upon the sky; and near them grow flowers of stature, including the lofty yellow lily.
  • hitch So I made Hank hitch right up-as soon as we knew the fire wasn't going to git into all that brush along the creek, and run down to the town-and bring me over.
  • reich Reich supposes that this acute prison psychosis may be included in that large group of abnormal psychic processes, developing from affect and affect-like situations.
  • rich With the Lord there is neither rich nor poor, Anna.
  • tech De hoss ain't folded whut kin tech 'im!"
  • vetch Another crop just introduced here is the vetch, better known as tares, for the same purpose.
  • vichy You may go to Vichy if you like.
  • watch I go to watch, mamma mine.
  • wei He gestured the "wei" in return.
  • weigh At this time, when the problem of accurate observations was worrying me, when my mind was beginning to weigh the problem of scientific accuracy-again just at the psychological moment-Dunkle brought Loose out to the Gramatan Inn and introduced him to me, saying that he was an expert navigator.
  • weight There is another consideration, however, in the present case, to which I do not think you have given sufficient weight.
  • weir It is as easy, with our many ingenious devices of net and weir, to destroy the inhabitants of the water as it is to destroy those of the land with guns.
  • welsh Three Welsh Plays was the result.
  • wench Do'st thou not dreame, wench?
  • when "When do you mean?
  • whet The peasant who throws a child out of the door to the wolves knows that it does but whet their appetite for blood, and so it will be in this case.
  • whey Cuss the whey-faced loon Walford!
  • whig You don't tell me I'm talking to a Whig?
  • whim Like a lamb he followed me half way home; and then another whim seized him.
  • whip The whip-poor-wills called and replied to each other from the woods.
  • whir But in the midst of it all came the kindly, cheering whir of the motor engine.
  • whit "Let's go and rout father out, and get back soon," Ethel suggested, not a whit behind her in eagerness.
  • whitish Presently, reflectively, he gnawed at a piece of whitish rock.
  • whiz She was a whiz.
  • whoosh There was a loud whoosh of exploding gasoline, and both cans were ablaze.
  • wick The edge of this makes a seat, and on each side are placed stone lamps in which blubber is burned, with moss as a wick.
  • winch Another wire rope with a pair of iron claws at the end of it ran over a block at the head of the log to the winch below, and the primitive derrick and its fittings had cost Nasmyth a great deal of money, as well as a week's arduous labour.
  • wish How I wish they would!
  • witch The British Government had hushed it all up afterwards, of course, but Spaulding still shuddered when he thought of the broken-spirited, shrunken caricature of his old self that Colonel Haversham had become after he told the witch doctor where to get off.
  • wretch "I'll never speak to that awful wretch again," said Antoinette to the curious Will.
  • Lech And great had been the Kaiser's reception that morning; the flower of Germany, all the Princes of the Empire, Protestant and Papal alike, riding out to meet him, in the open country, at the Bridge of the Lech.
  • Mich C.F. Adams, Teacher of Science, High School, Detroit, Mich.
  • Whew Then, as the door opened, sniffing a little at the musty odor incident to a tightly closed apartment: Whew!
  • Which But here there was no place which they could turn to.
  • Whorish The strumpets also, because they knew this young villain, would at first discover themselves in all their whorish pranks to those that he brought with him.
  • With "I'll come with you, Mr. Tulipson," he said.
  • weighs To-day a doubt weighs on my mind.
  • WHEE I was wondering thus in the middle of the corridor, when at the further end where it was moonlit, a roar was raised, coming from about thirty or forty throats, "One, two, three,-Whee-ee!"
  • WOTCHA Wotcha gonna do wi' us, Reb?
  • adumbral