What is the correct spelling for WHELTS?

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Correct spellings for WHELTS

  • waltz It is the most perfect waltz .
  • wells Mr. Spokesly, who knew Plouff kept the sounding rod in his cabin, wondered how he was going to sound the wells .
  • welt They had heard the welt as Chakkra's ankas came down.
  • wheels When more than halfway to the house, she heard the sound of wheels .
  • Whiles I'll have no men singin' round whiles I'm not here.
  • Whilst The first is the criticism of those, who will say it is useless hoping to get public money for a luxury, whilst the nation is engaged in a costly war.
  • Whales I had a share in the whales that were driven ashore, and I wrote to the Board of Trade about it, but it seemed they could do nothing; at least they did not choose to do anything in the matter.
  • halts By making due allowances for detours and halts at pressure lines, the number of hours traveled gave us a fair estimate of the day's distance.
  • belts They were waiting for a signal from the guns, and had their bayonets fixed and bombs slung about them, and iron rations hung to their belts .
  • welds It welds the planets together, and shows them to be one system.
  • volts This break can be adapted for any voltage from twelve to two hundred and fifty volts , and the primary circuit cannot be closed before the interrupter is acting.
  • wields We often find that the bold, dashing nature sometimes wields a trembling pen, and that some man eminent for weakness has a defiant penmanship that looks as if he wrote with a splinter of thunderbolt.
  • wallets Along the steep banks of the river the thickets, heavy with rain, stood in rows like pilgrims bowed down under the weight of their wallets and leather-bottles.
  • wilts 8.-To-morrow is our Monthly Meeting, when I expect to propose to my Friends a visit to the meetings composing the Quarterly Meetings of Bristol and Somerset, and Gloucester and Wilts .
  • pelts The animals whose pelts we required were abundant everywhere.
  • wets My lord Yvain deals him such a blow upon the chest that he thrusts through the skin and wets the tip of his lance in his body's blood by way of sauce.
  • melts Put into a very hot oven until the cheese melts , and serve at once.
  • WHETS For her tactics were simple, but formed on the basic strategy of the Salamanders: acceptance that raises hopes, then an excuse that brings tantalizing disorder, but whets the appetite.
  • welts The many painful welts of the lash's stripes stung him with keen pain.
  • hilts Many of them wore bowl-shaped helmets, some had shirts of ring-mail, all of them carried long straight swords with cross-hilts, and about half of them had pistols thrust through their belts or muskets slung from their shoulders.
  • welters The wind is as iron that rings, The foam-heads loosen and flee; It swells and welters and swings, The pulse of the tide of the sea.
  • velds
  • whelks In the evening they caught a quantity of whelks and cockles, which, with an iguana, and three turkeys' eggs, made a good supper.
  • wefts Faint wefts creep out along the blue and die.
  • valets Housekeepers, servants, valets -you know the sort of people who get hold of information.
  • whelps They're waiting to get the city into a snarl, and then rob the houses-pack of dirty, worthless whelps .
  • wheals They even gave instructions as to when to let the wheals down.
  • felts The men hardly condescend to groom their horses; they hunt, drink tea or brandy, doze about upon felts , and smoke or sleep.
  • wholes It is needed, first, for making people conscious of the letter elements of words which are seen as wholes in their reading, and for bringing them to look closely into the relations of these letter elements; second, for developing a preliminary understanding of the spelling of words used; and third, for drill upon words commonly misspelled.
  • wilds How would you like to give up civilisation and live out here in the wilds ?
  • what's "Yes, Sir, that's what's the matter with me.
  • advance(s)
  • airheadednesses
  • allegated
  • allegates
  • anteriors
  • dis-heartening
  • dis-obeyed
  • dis-organizes
  • dis-organizing
  • in-sanitation
  • in-sanitations
  • inter-folding

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