What is the correct spelling for WHERN?

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Correct spellings for WHERN

  • bern "But will she not make the thrifty wife for some lucky fellow, our little Louise Bern , here-eh?
  • fern He stopped eating and hopped over to the big fern from behind which he had first seen the two soft, gentle eyes peeping at him the day before.
  • hen The hen evidently saw him, but she sat close, her head drawn back and kept low on the shoulder, her eyes nearly closed.
  • horn The sound of the huntsman's horn at the same moment reached his ears, followed by the well-known cry of a pack of dogs.
  • kern It's Kern , right enough."
  • tern The Arctic tern hatches on its shores, laying its eggs in the beach gravel.
  • then Then there's Dr. Whitsen.
  • vein It is not that he wants the money, which can be settled on herself; but there is a vein of the old, prudent common sense running through Harry's character.
  • venn For six letters, Mr. Venn suggests that we might use two Diagrams, like the above, one for the f-part, and the other for the not-f-part, of all the other combinations.
  • verne A whole train of cars did it in that Jules Verne book.
  • wain The colonel hailed and passed one wain after another, steadily calling, "Gangway!"
  • wan She smiled a wan smile.
  • warn I warn you against it.
  • wean His death was a great blow to Akbar, who had done all in his power to wean his son from his excesses, and had even obtained a promise that he would renounce them.
  • weeny How can people go out in such a weeny boat as that?"
  • wen Wen I get dressed I want to examine it."
  • when No, I couldn't say-couldn't say when it was."
  • where 7611. Where do they get that?
  • wherein He, however, left a letter for me which was handed me before I left the Court-house, wherein he stated that he had moved to Massachusetts, and extended to me an invitation to follow him, with the promise that he would provide me a suitable home.
  • whereon The sick man scarcely noticed the entrance of a stranger, as Luis placed himself by the side of the rude couch whereon he lay; but continued his groaning and piteous cries for fresh air and liberty.
  • wherry "Wherrying in a wherry ," answered Dotty, dryly.
  • whet Lo, the lion captive ta'en Meekly wears his gilded chain; Yet though he by hand be fed, Though a master's whip he dread, If but once the taste of gore Whet his cruel lips once more, Straight his slumbering fierceness wakes, With one roar his bonds he breaks, And first wreaks his vengeful force On his trainer's mangled corse.
  • whey Are you going to be governed all your life by that whey -faced old Methodist?
  • whine "Well, he didn't whine ," he said, slowly.
  • whiner Marcoline rightly called you a whiner .
  • whinny And out of the mist faint and far distant came the sound of a whinny in answer.
  • whiny
  • whir The song of the hay-balers and the whir of the threshing-machine had died out of the valley, and the raisin-making had come on.
  • win We'd better face the worst, and if we do it bravely we shall win ."
  • won He knew too well that he had not won her heart, though he had no suspicion that it was given to another.
  • worn Were the clothes in which the body was found the clothes that Mr. Manderson would naturally have worn that day?"
  • wren 131. How the wren came out of Ailsay.
  • Ween I ween 'twas all true enough, replied the hostler; and the sizzup he gav' the sleepin' man wi' t' poker across the forehead.
  • Were I thought you were never going to get here!
  • Whew It is better for us on account of San Francisco-Whew!
  • Chen
  • Verna
  • Vern
  • WHEE Nickelplated fittings, stream line body, detachable whee-er-that is, the waste also is constructed on a most ingenious principle: we call it the 'Want-Not' pattern.
  • whens
  • we're We're as good as what 'e is, if not better.
  • accultured
  • dis-inherits