What is the correct spelling for WHICHERY?

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Correct spellings for WHICHERY

  • archery Particular attention was paid to the practice of archery.
  • butchery No nation besides Rome ever systematically turned the torture of criminals into a popular pastime; but there the people had become so accustomed to the butchery of human beings in the public games that nothing was so welcome as a new device for heightening the effect of agonized death throes, except a large supply of judicially condemned men and women on whom to prove it.
  • chary Now Johnny had been telling himself what a godsend some new face would be to him, yet he did not rush out to welcome the callers and ask the news of the outside world which Cliff was so chary of giving.
  • cheery He could not understand the cheery lack of resentment with which the men obeyed.
  • cherry Like to a double cherry.
  • fishery I remember hearing our first mate tell of a wonderful escape a comrade of his had in the Greenland Sea fishery.
  • hatchery What have been the results of the hatchery?
  • lechery On the stage the public revels in cruelty for its own sake, not in the service of justice; it prefers bombast to bravery, lechery to love; "the basest metal makes the loudest din"; while those to whom we look as our leaders for direction only pander to the common vulgarity and grow rich thereon.
  • vichy The wine is probably hopeless; I suggest Evian or Vichy.
  • watcher Stella sat on with her chin in her hand, every line of her expressing the weariness of the hopeless watcher.
  • where "Want to know where you are?
  • wherry I have longed to be in a wherry ever since I came to London."
  • winery
  • wiry The speaker was a man of sixty, white of hair, but wiry and active.
  • witchery In the bushes along the highway Maryland yellow-throats threw back their masked heads and called, "Witchery, witchery, witchery," as if they appreciated their charming home, while nearby, a cardinal appeared like an arrow of flame from the bow of some unseen archer, and whistled several variations that rang through all the woodland.
  • Which Which shall we take?
  • Whichever Whichever it was, though his heart, his entire being, lay with the latter, he would follow the pointing finger of honor; follow it to the end, no matter what it might cost, or where it might lead.
  • Wisher A work I have long coveted-it is again 'a well-wisher,' Missis Dinnett, who has sent it to me.
  • Zachery
  • Cheri "P'tit Maitre! La Folle done cross de bayou! Look her! Look her yonda totin' Cheri!" This startling intimation was the first which they had of the woman's approach.
  • watchers He was still listening, and now he was almost certain that two watchers were standing close to the window sill.
  • wishers Even Croesus, who you know is one of Amasis' well-wishers, and advises peace whenever it is possible, had not a word to say against it.
  • fore-named