What is the correct spelling for WHICK?

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Correct spellings for WHICK

  • chic Cherami, being ushered into the salon, scrutinized the furniture, muttering: It's not bad, it's very chic !
  • chick I just know them foreigners will think we are a pair of fond parents with our one chick and child.
  • dick And then-and then that isn't all, Dick !
  • hack I doubt if you can get a hack at this hour of the morning-and why waste two dollars?
  • heck By Heck , I guess we'll show 'em we know how t' tackle a hold-up gang as well as the next fellow!
  • hick Richard has a larger family than Robert, for, besides Rick, Hick and Dick, we have Rich and Hitch, Higg and Digg.
  • hock Let all the churches take the pledge even against the milder musical beverages; for they who tamper with champagne cider soon get to Hock and old Burgundy.
  • huck Huck, at the head of the latter.
  • kick That kick was worth it.
  • lick It is fun to hear them growling when they get their meat; and the way they lick it-oh, it's most exciting!
  • nick You arrived in the nick , positively the nick , of time.
  • pick I could not pick out any particular man; but very likely there are some who have been in the same position.
  • rick But there was no chance of earning more that day, and they had to sleep in the loose hay at the foot of a hay rick , belonging to a distant farm.
  • sick I was sick at heart when I got out of that terrible prison; but now it is all changed.
  • thick It came through the thick fur of my shoulders with the tenderness of a warm human hand.
  • tick And if you can find out what makes me tick I can go back to living like myself again?
  • wacko
  • wacky If Jerry started for the swamp at this time of night he must be wacky !
  • waco He left the Church in March, '83, and started the Independent Pulpit at Waco , Texas, in which he publishes bold Freethought articles.
  • weak How are the weak ever made strong?
  • week I'll write at least once a week .
  • whack Better, find a good stout stick to whack them with.
  • whelk "Well, young Denville," said Fisherman Dick, as he sat on the bench outside his whitewashed cottage with the whelk -shell path, bordered with marigold beds, one of which flowers he picked from time to time to give the child.
  • whig To the good old Briton, Whig or Tory, that seemed to be either diabolical or mere Utopian folly.
  • whim We have said this, we have heard the other; somebody sneered at that, and some one else agreed with him; and away we go, pitching all reason behind us, like an old shoe, and only seeking to gratify a whim , or a mere caprice, suggested by temper.
  • whip The heavy whip came down, the blow aimed for the boy's shoulder.
  • whir Wading through the dank grasses which caught him about the feet, he could hear small living things hopping away from his tread, or a marsh bird rise with a frightened whir of wings.
  • whisk "I want something for my whisk -" "Just the thing," she said enthusiastically, reaching out of his field of vision.
  • whisky "He's more dead than alive," said the big man, as he strove to pour a little whisky between the stranger's set teeth.
  • whit The cocks of most species are arrayed in scarlet and black; the hens are not a whit less brilliantly attired in yellow and sable.
  • whiz All the Canadian soldiers speak of these whiz -bangs, directed, after the ground was taken, by low-flying aeroplanes, who signalled with flash-lamps or with a round or two of machine-gun fire when they saw any group of men.
  • wick "Take a crust of bread and a piece of cheese in the meantime, Master Ben," said Margaret, as she took down the lantern, and examined the wick .
  • wicker She had barely recovered herself when she saw a woman, apparently about fifty, coming towards her with a wicker basket on her arm.
  • wig After breakfast came the packing up and setting of the camp in order and then two of the girls who had been studying signalling, wig -wagged across the lake for the launch to come for them.
  • wink There's plenty that would like the job if you give the wink .
  • wok But yer couldn't myke Muvver see vat-not if yer talked to 'er for a wok .
  • work It has done its work .
  • Which Something which happened last night?
  • Wac "I will not," said mac an Da'v, "for I'm your own husband, I'm your own mac, your little mac, your macky-wac-wac."
  • Vicky In a few seconds we proceeded, Albert leading me, having Vicky at his hand, and Bertie holding mine.
  • Vic "You'll never teach him like that, Vic .
  • Vicki Vicki looked over at me.
  • whacks As soon as the ape sees the elephant reaching his trunk among the branches, he immediately slips near the elephant, and when an opportunity presents itself, he whacks him over the trunk with his club!
  • WICCA When she had finished there was silence for a few moments, and then the wicca raised her head, and her eyes glowed strangely.
  • wicks Hasn't Mr. Jackson gone to file that declaration in Bullman and Ramsey, Mr. Wicks ?
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  • hoick

6 words made from the letters WHICK

  • 3 letter words made from WHICK:

    chi, khi.
  • 4 letter words made from WHICK:

    hick, kwch, wick, wihk.