What is the correct spelling for WHILDE?

If you've accidentally misspelled "whilde", it's likely that you meant to type "while". This common mistake can be corrected by simply swapping the letters "h" and "i". Remember to proofread your work, as spotting such errors will ensure your writing appears polished and error-free.

Correct spellings for WHILDE

  • while While I was Editing my Paper I got an Email from my Professor with my Grade for it.
  • Whiled Whiled she busied herself in the garden, she heard a noise in the attic.
  • wide I prefer a wide brimmed hat to a narrower one because it looks better on me.
  • wild The wild gust of wind knocked over the trash cans.
  • Wilda After the storm, the beaches are wilda with seaweed.
  • wilde Oscar Wilde is known for his witty writing style and numerous literary works.
  • wilder The forest grew wilder as we delved further into its depths.
  • wile She used her wile and cunning to convince her friends to help her plan a surprise party.