What is the correct spelling for WHOISE?

If you meant to type "whoise" but it was misspelled, here are some possible suggestions for the correct spelling: "whose", "whose" indicates possession or ownership; "who is", a contraction for "who is"; or "whoiest", an archaic form of "who is". Double-checking your spelling can help ensure clear communication.

Correct spellings for WHOISE

  • hose I'm going to get a hose to water the plants.
  • OISE The OISE river flows through northern France, passing through the city of Paris.
  • whisk I need to whisk the eggs until they become frothy before adding the other ingredients.
  • whist She would always whist while she worked, finding it helped her concentrate.
  • who's Who's ready for dinner?
  • whops I almost caught the ball but my hand slipped and I whops it out of the way.
  • Whose Whose coat is this on the coat rack?
  • Whoso
  • wise "The wise man knows he doesn't know everything, but is always willing to learn."
  • worse I thought my cold was getting better, but now it seems to be worse.