What is the correct spelling for WHOLW?

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Correct spellings for WHOLW

  • howl She sends out from her throat a sound of agony, which resembles a howl.
  • wallow Worst off of all were the very young children, for there had been no rain for weeks, and the street was as dry and clean as a covered court, and, in the lack of mud to wallow in, they sat about the road, disconsolate as poets.
  • whale 1253. Could you engage with any one you pleased for the whale fishing or the Faroe fishing?
  • wheal "Picked 'en up in a wheal, your reverent," answered Brightly.
  • wheel You still hold, then, that you saw a ship the other morning, when I sent you from the wheel?
  • while 9640. Did you pay that to Mr. Henderson while you were at Colvister?
  • whirl Melissy's gaze was turned to the dust whirl that advanced up the road that ran round the corral.
  • who Did she know who he was?
  • whole 6204. Was that the whole price of your fish, or was it the balance which you got in cash?
  • wholly We are not near any bank, and we might not have sufficient cash in hand for all that we required, if the payment was wholly in cash.
  • whorl It also is a double whorl of fourteen lines, and you see the angles are the same.
  • willow By thee the willow of the hill was taught to wave its branches with grace, when thy form, robed in beauty, first appeared before it.
  • wold I emerge on the top of a down; in front of me lie the long slopes of the wold, with that purity and tranquillity of outline which only down-land possesses.
  • wolf It was Red Wolf who cried out."
  • wool 1480. When you got the wool from him, in what way were you paid?
  • wow Something has happened to create discussion in the Cheyenne camps, for the crouching soldiers can hear the liveliest kind of a pow-wow far up-stream.
  • Whew Cecil was whistling away when suddenly he gave a tremendous "whew" of astonishment and sprang to his feet.
  • Whoa One of them was "Whoa" and the other was "Ouch," and I spoke them alternately with such rapidity that they merged into the compound word "Whouch," which is a very expressive word and one that I would freely recommend to others who may be situated as I was.
  • VOL Vol. 1-4. 4 v.
  • whorls On the green spaces are worked figures of six-winged angels standing on whorls.
  • who'll I'm afraid I know several young men who'll take your sudden flight very much to heart; and one who isn't particularly young."
  • wholes The English-speaking peoples of to-day form constituent wholes from the electorate up.
  • in-tangibles

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