What is the correct spelling for WHOOOO?

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Correct spellings for WHOOOO

  • shoo But singular as his methods were, the stranger actually succeeded in coaxing the animal away from Elise, and then began to shoo it across the field, with such energy and determination that presently it began to trot and then to gallop until it had vanished out of sight around the edge of the woods.
  • voodoo Always Voodoo feast that night.
  • WHEE So, as he had not courage to tell the truth, he was forced at last to swear an oath also, and this was what he swore: "If it be that I stole the butter; if it be, if it be- Then let some most deadly punishment fall on me, fall on me- Whirrum wheeckam, whirrum wheeckam, Whirram whee, whirram whee!"
  • Whew Outside he got as near to saying "Whew!"
  • whey In the afternoon they had boiled potatoes and sopped bread and vegetables, and curd, too, if Sally had been making whey.
  • whir From below in the valley came the faint whir of the reaping machines, from the rose garden a murmur of bees.
  • who Who went for the doctor?
  • who'd "Aye," Hughie said, "'deed there is, he niver seen a maan who'd believe 'im even whin he was tellin' th' thruth!"
  • who'll I know a fellow who'll do it for a ten-dollar bill!
  • who're I'll go talk to the people who're hunting Fran.
  • who's Who's your great man?"
  • who've I've always known clever men who've made their names.
  • Whoa Ses he, "Majer, hold up, you're drivin your hoss rite into my stable, an you don't give me a chance to say whoa."
  • whole "That isn't the whole truth, Mr. McIver," she said.
  • Whom Finally he heard her ask slowly: "Whom do you wish to speak to?"
  • whoop Whoop it up for them, boys!
  • whoopee Now and again he called, "Whoopee!
  • whooper Well, there ain't much use 'whooping up the boys' when only the whooper gets wild.
  • whoosh The light "whoosh,-sst-whoosh" of the dipping paddles, the occasional rattle of a handle on a gunwale, formed a blending background against which his low words were distinguishable only to the girl beside him.
  • whop I kin fotch you de pin; but you musn't luff de oberseer whop me.
  • whorl The word "cyclone" by itself suggests a ghastly whorl of high vapours, and the addition of "anti" seems to make it even more hostile.
  • Whose Whose Son is He?
  • Whoso I quoted the passage "Whoso stealeth a man and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death;" and observed, that in this text we had a proof of the awful demerit of the slaveholder; that he was considered worthy of death; and that the modern slaveholder, under the Christian dispensation, was not less guilty than the slaveholder under the Jewish law.
  • why And why was this?
  • woe Clearly there was too much of woe.
  • woo When will he begin to woo me?
  • wood The dying wood fire suddenly burst into flame; Athena looked round her.
  • woody Crossing an open forest hill, which had hitherto bounded our view to the westward, I perceived a deep grassy valley on our right, sloping towards a much lower country, but I still travelled westward, in hopes to find an open country, beyond a low woody range on which we had at length arrived.
  • Wooed They are haunted by the recollections of great spirits of past ages, who have sought for relaxation among them from the tumult of arms, or the toils of state, or have wooed the muse beneath their shade.
  • wooer And when this lusty wooer was at dinner, he would look upon the fair wench and cast in her face a sheep's eye, saying, "How dost thou do, my sweet pigmy?"
  • woof Ye straighten out life's tangled warp and woof!
  • wool They took also from their store warm socks of wool and gave him.
  • woos His restlessness however daily increases, until at last he penetrates in disguise into the dark underground world and woos the fair earth goddess.
  • woozy Her head was woozy from the beating.
  • wow And then from beyond the rocks came a bass "wow" after which Stas and Nell shouted together: "Saba!