What is the correct spelling for WHOUT?

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Correct spellings for WHOUT

  • bout He attacked beggars in a most ferocious manner, but as to ladies and gentlemen a fierce bout of barking was sufficient.
  • gout He walked on, leaving the guardian to his gout .
  • hoot "A loud dissyllabic hoot " is perhaps as good a description of its call as can be given in words.
  • hot My, but it's hot !
  • hut On my way home, a couple of hours later, I could not see either the tent or the hut .
  • lout I've always intended to extend as soon as I could get hold of some decent fellow, and that lout Smith's of no good," sinking his voice.
  • out Stubbins was on the look-out.
  • pout She was a big, strapping woman, and handsome in a way; but the corners of her mouth were drawn down sharply in a sulky, lawless pout .
  • rout She heard their muskets, but they were far behind her, and the great rout caught her and whirled her.
  • shot Couldn't he have a shot at some of them, at least?
  • shout Since the burden has been lifted from my soul and I know that he lives, I could sing and shout aloud here in this cell.
  • shut Jane shut the book she held in her hand, and put it down.
  • tout When you call me a tout you're exceedin' the speed limit."
  • wait "Wait," he said; "there's more."
  • wart Not very far from the Stone there was a curious hill, shaped exactly like a wart .
  • washout He knew the spring rains with their awesome powers of washout and flood.
  • watt I could do the same job cheaper with a dozen 250 watt light bulbs."
  • wet Virginia felt them wet in her own.
  • wheat It's very probable that some of the small wheat -growers' wives would be glad to have you.
  • whet "Ah, Mr. Carey-" He checked himself abruptly, remembering whet he had heard from Robin Pierce.
  • whist With the exception of two elderly women at one of the whist tables, there were only men in the room; and as they were all busily engaged in playing, or watching the play, nobody noticed the arrival of the party in plaid trousers.
  • whit It is every whit as respectable as the other, and as well conducted.
  • white The one in white and gold.
  • who I know who you are.
  • whop "He going whop me kase I say Marse Jack in de navy," yelled Julius.
  • wit Wit is the quick perception of unusual or commonly unperceived analogies or relations between things apparently unrelated, and has been said to depend upon a union of surprise and pleasure; it depends certainly on the production of a diverting, entertaining, or merrymaking surprise. The analogies wit h which wit plays are often superficial or artificial; humor deals wit h real analogies of an amusing or entertaining kind, or wit h traits of character that are seen to have a comical side as soon as brought to view. Wit is keen, sudden, brief, and sometimes severe; humor is deep, thoughtful, sustained, and always kindly. Pleasantry is lighter and less vivid than wit . Fun denotes the merry results produced by wit and humor, or by any fortuitous occasion of mirth, and is pronounced and often hilarious.
  • woad With these goes the Wadman, who dealt in, or grew, the dye-plant called woad ; cf.
  • wont But I wont talk on't, 'till you see it.
  • wood Harry dropped his wood on the fire and threw back his head and laughed.
  • word She has never said a word to me before.
  • wort In Wales, in the earlier years of the present century, it was customary to fix sprigs of the plant called St. John's wort over the doors of the cottages, and sometimes over the windows, in order to purify the houses and drive away all fiends and evil spirits.
  • Wot I knew no more than the dead wot 'ad 'appened.
  • What "There," said he, "see what a man can do!"
  • Whoa Whoa, Ally thought, according to Grant, you "experimented " with a procedure for the skin on yourself.
  • Whom How long should he trust the man to whom he had given his promise?
  • Without What would I do without you?
  • Won't "She won't see ye," Jamie said.
  • Witt Young De Witt says New York wants no government departments; that she is far too busy a city, to endure government idlers hanging around her best streets.
  • why'd Why'd he run away?
  • who'd Not that I know who'd want to settle me that way.
  • whup Lord's sake, it's maist provokin' that if a body hes a bit whup o' illness in Drumtochty, their freends tak tae propheseein' deith.
  • who's Who's taken you in now?

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