What is the correct spelling for WHYALLA?

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Correct spellings for WHYALLA

  • loyally The ladies of the company, whatever quarrels they indulged in among themselves, stood loyally by Byram in his anxiety and need.
  • royally But let us hasten to bury our king, to bear him royally to his grave, with mourning and tears of woe."
  • wail Make every effort, and if you understand your trade well, and know your master, you must compel him to laugh till he cries, when he would fain wail for grief, like a little girl.
  • wale He had descried the bright blue lifeboat with the red wale round her gunwale, and was running to meet her in the direction she was heading.
  • wall It's the one standing against the wall; the other's all right, with proper care."
  • wallah Wandered down to Vlamertinghe this morning early to see about some sandbags, and while I was there I met that flying wallah Petersen in the R.N.A.S. Do you remember him, Major?
  • waller To my utter confusion, and without a second's consideration, Waller grasped my hand, and cried, "done."
  • wallow You wake up singing like a fool canary; you wear imported hosiery; you've made a soft, warm wallow for yourself at this club, and here you bask your life away, waddling downtown to nail contracts and cut coupons, and uptown to dinners and theaters, only to return and sprawl here in luxury without one single thought for posterity.
  • wally Wally knew he was beaten.
  • waylay Anyway, whatever he thought or didn't think, what he did was to waylay Mrs. Tweedie one morning about ten, as she was going over to visit the native pastor's wife, who was sick; and, tying her hands and feet together with sinnet, he put her in a hammock and carried her off up the mountain; and this, if you please, in open daylight, with scores of people looking on, while she screamed and struggled and fought, and they helpless to do anything against the line of Afiola's rifles-and Tweedie himself not four hundred yards away, organizing a Y.M.C.A. for untattooed boys, and explaining how they was to play basket ball, and learn arithmetic nights!
  • weal 6. "When Vict'ry crowns the Public Weal With Glee we give the merry Peal."
  • well There are many points in your philosophy which I don't yet grasp, but I have seemed to myself to understand your anti-intellectualistic campaign very clearly, and that I have really done it so well in your opinion makes me proud.
  • whale Then the motion grew slower as the head of the whale came past the ship.
  • whaler "He'd better have had that trip on the whaler," commented Mr. Swann; "but that is not news.
  • wheal There is as good, or at least there are metals that bring gold-tin and copper; and Wheal Danes is full of the latter.
  • wholly The feeling was wholly unreasonable, of course.
  • will That which originates in the purest patriotism, will be termed an unworthy tergiversation; but the reward of these great and good men will be found in their own breasts.
  • yale William James, Marion Reedy, Edwin Markham, Edith Thomas, Mary Austin, and many leading professors of Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, the Universities of Illinois, Wisconsin and California.
  • yalu On the memorable 17th of September, 1894, the battle of the Yalu was fought, and so badly were the Chinese vessels hammered that the Chinese navy, for the time being, was wiped out of existence.
  • yawl
  • yell
  • We'll We'll have no nonsense."
  • Ayala The girdle Valdez, King Philip's commander, and his skilful lieutenant, Don Ayala, had drawn around the city in less than two days, was already nearly closed, the fort of Valkenburg, strengthened with the utmost care, belonged to the enemy, and the danger had advanced more rapidly and with far more irresistible strength, than even the most timid citizens had feared.
  • Willa
  • Y'all
  • who'll Who'll give me a hand up?