What is the correct spelling for WHYNOT?

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Correct spellings for WHYNOT

  • hint "Farewell, most reverend Father," answered Don Luis, rising at the hint , and respectfully kissing the hand held out to him.
  • hunt "Had to hunt hard to find that.
  • knot They stood in a little knot talking, but Miss Nugent, contrary to her usual habit, said but little.
  • not I did not know.
  • shinto Shinto and Hinduism are also alike in perpetuating ancient beliefs and practices which seem anachronisms but otherwise they are very different, for many races and languages have contributed their thoughts and hopes to the ocean of Hinduism and they all had an interest in speculation and mysticism unknown to the Japanese.
  • vent Si'Wren stepped back, afraid of political ruin should Borla find the right words to vent his anger upon her.
  • wand After one "distant, random gun," from the discomfited foe, Harry rolled quietly up against the wand , and the game was over.
  • want I want you to stay.
  • wayne But she was a little nervous still, and it would be so very kind if Mr. Wayne would accompany her.
  • wend If Daphnis sang you e'er Such songs as ne'er from nightingale have flowed; Then to his herd your fatness lend; and let Menalcas share Like boon, should e'er he wend along this road."
  • whatnot Andy Grant has told you a great deal about General Jackson's pledges, and his changes and whatnot .
  • wheat Her hair was the color of tender wheat and her feet twinkled star-wise when she walked.
  • when But when did you ever before mind me?"
  • whet "-they whet their beaks," continued Benjamin.
  • whine I don't want to whine -I deserved it all right enough-but I didn't seem to have a friend anywhere and all my things that I'd believed in seemed to be worth nothing at all.
  • whiny
  • whit Luttrell follows Molly into the house, his face no whit less whit e than her own.
  • wind All through June the west wind free The breath of the clover brings to me.
  • window The nurse watched at the window until she saw the brother go out, and then she went over as if to make a visit to the new house.
  • wont I turned and took one look at Charles, and I noted that his eyes were opened wider than was their wont , and there was a look in them for which I would gladly have killed him.
  • Went They could see everything that went on.
  • Wot And there I did be, half-gone out from this life, and lookt at her with eyes that did scarce wot, save as in a dream.
  • What What was it he did?
  • Whined "They don't want the North Car'linians to git anything," they whined.
  • Why-not
  • Won't But it won't do us much good right now.
  • WINO
  • why'd Why'd you get out of the spook business?
  • who'd You lucky, lucky girl-who'd have thought you'd make such a match-you such a fly-away!
  • wasn't And there wasn't his like!
  • snot
  • hip-girdle The bones of the hip-girdle form a basin which incloses and protects the abdominal vital organs.

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