What is the correct spelling for WIDEING?

If you're constantly tempted to write "wideing" instead of the correct term, "widening", here are some helpful suggestions to minimize the error. You may try using spell-check tools, improving your typing accuracy, learning commonly misspelled words or simply double-checking your work for accuracy. These methods can greatly aid in avoiding the misspelling of "wideing".

Correct spellings for WIDEING

  • wadding She stuffed the wadding back into the old pillow.
  • wading As the water was shallow, I was wading through the stream.
  • wedding My sister's wedding is going to be held at the beach next weekend.
  • widen The road is too narrow for cars, so we need to widen it.
  • widening The widening gap between the rich and the poor is a growing concern for many people.
  • widens The path through the forest widens as we reach the clearing.
  • Widowing The process of widowing can be difficult and emotional.
  • winding The river winding through the woods was beautiful.
  • witting