What is the correct spelling for WIDEL?

If you intended to write "widel" but it's a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions. Firstly, "widely" would convey a broad or extensive coverage. Additionally, "widdle" means to urinate (informal context). Lastly, "wield" means to handle or control.

Correct spellings for WIDEL

  • Del Del stood at the window, gazing out at the rain.
  • Fidel Fidel Castro was a significant leader of the Cuban Revolution.
  • ideal My ideal vacation would be spent at a beach house with my family.
  • idol My mom's idol is Queen Elizabeth II.
  • vidal In a 20-foot fall Falcon Crest's vindaloo chef Vidal died.
  • video I am going to watch a video on my phone.
  • wade I will wade in the shallow water to catch some fish.
  • wader
  • wheel I need to get my bike wheel fixed.
  • wide The sofa is wide enough for two people to sit on.
  • widely The museum is widely known for its collection of arts and crafts.
  • widen I'm going to widen the door to allow more air in.
  • wider The other side of the room was wider than the one I was in.
  • widow Her husband was killed in the war; she is now a widow.
  • wield
  • wiesel I am partially Jewish and I have a tattoo of Elie Wiesel on my left forearm.
  • wifely She is a wifely woman and I admire her for that.
  • wilde
  • wilder The wildlife in the Amazon rainforest is much wilder than that in a city zoo.
  • wile I have a cunning wile to beat him at his own game.
  • Wiley I think Wiley needs to go to the vet.
  • will I will put the book away.
  • wisely I wisely choose to arrive early for my meeting.