What is the correct spelling for WIDELT?

If the word "widelt" is misspelled, there are a few possible correct suggestions. One option could be "widely", which means in a widespread manner. Another possibility is "witted", meaning having quick thinking or cleverness. Lastly, "wield", which signifies the act of handling or controlling something effectively. Always double-check for the intended word during proofreading.

Correct spellings for WIDELT

  • welt I got a huge welt on my leg after falling off my bike.
  • widely The COVID-19 pandemic has had a widely negative impact on the world.
  • widest The Grand Canyon has one of the widest natural spans in the world.
  • wield The knight was skilled at using his sword and could wield it with great precision.
  • wilt The plant began to wilt due to the lack of water.