What is the correct spelling for WIDEY?

If you find yourself misspelling "widey", worry not. Here are some possible correct suggestions: "widely", meaning extensively or broadly; "widen", referring to making something wider; or "widowy", relating to being like a widow. Expand your vocabulary and avoid confusion with these accurate alternatives for "widey".

Correct spellings for WIDEY

  • video I watched a video about gardening so I could learn how to take care of my plants better.
  • wade I love to wade in shallow water and search for shells.
  • wader
  • whey After training I felt the need for some protein and opted for a whey shake instead of hitting the gym.
  • whitey
  • wide The beach was wide and perfect for a game of frisbee.
  • widely The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people's mental health widely.
  • widen The construction of the new highway will widen the existing road by a few lanes.
  • wider This door is wider than the one at the other end of the hall.
  • widget I couldn't find the widget button on my phone.
  • widow The widow wore black to her husband's funeral.
  • wilde Oscar Wilde was a famous Irish author, playwright, and poet.
  • wilder The terrain becomes wilder and more rugged the further you travel into the mountains.
  • Wiley I'm going to borrow Wiley's laptop.
  • winder I need to replace the winder on my watch since it's broken.
  • windy It is a windy day, so hold on to your hats.
  • witty She was known for her witty remarks and clever puns.