What is the correct spelling for WIDHED?

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Correct spellings for WIDHED

  • godhead Thy face,-the altar's Godhead sign!
  • redhead And I'll tell you it took genius, sometimes, to tell what he meant, for that redhead spelled by ear.
  • warhead In a moment, now, the rocket, a hundred miles overhead, would be nosing down, and then the warhead would open and the magnetic field inside would alter and the mass of negamatter would be ejected.
  • wedded Lady Ellinor fixed her keen bright eyes searchingly on my countenance, and perhaps the gaze satisfied her; for she held out her hand to me with a frankness almost tender, and said "Had I had a son, the dearest wish of my heart had been to see you wedded to my daughter."
  • weeded With an educated and resident proprietary, Ireland could never have become what she now is; personal comfort, if no higher motive could be appealed to, would have necessitated a watchful observance of the habits of the people-the tares would have been weeded from the wheat; the evil influence of bad men would not have been suffered to spread its contagion through the land.
  • weighted He filled the gourd and weighted it with stones; then backed out.
  • whitehead Then something, which came through the air like a Whitehead Torpedo, sent him spinning backwards on the grass.
  • widowed Not her father, but the widowed Baroness Baradlay, dressed in deep mourning, which accentuated her pallor, stood before Aranka.
  • widowhood I am quite unused to business, having lived, till my sad widowhood , so sheltered a life, and I forgot that if the payments were not kept up-the interest on the mortgage-I should lose the house altogether.
  • wooded The thought of her loveliness in his arms once more, far up among the perfumed wooded heights, as the silent darkness stole upon them, stirred in him such a fret to be gone that it was like a fever.
  • woodshed Carry them into the woodshed there and stack them tidy, and I'll give you three-pence.
  • Voided Water, as I said before, to moisten our mouths, was now our greatest hardship, for every man had so often drank his own, that we voided scarce anything but blood, and that but a few drops at a time; our mouths and tongues were quite flayed with drought, and our teeth just fallen from our jaws; for though we had tried, by placing all the dead men's jackets and shirts one over another, to strain some of the sea-water through them by small quantities, yet that would not deprive it of its pernicious qualities; and though it refreshed a little in going down, we were so sick, and strained ourselves so much after it, that it came up again, and made us more miserable than before.
  • Waded It is probable, however, that he would have waded straight into the middle of the stream had not a low voice hailed him.
  • Waddled The wombats, on our appearance, had waddled off, so that they did not interfere with us while we were attending to Hector.
  • Waited He waited until Mary had gone out of the room, and then went on talking.
  • Warded These were thrown in the breach and warded off the threatened destruction.
  • Whited The thick socks were peeled from his patent-leathers, the ragged trousers stripped from an evening pair, bloodstains and Newgate fringe removed at the water's edge, and the whole sepulchre whited in less time than the thing takes to tell.
  • Widened Pinto's eyes widened inquiringly.
  • Wished She wished she had made him talk more about himself.
  • Withed
  • Witted
  • Worded He had the feeling, far from worded, not even formed, but certainly in him, that he was a superior man to his father.
  • wadded It was opened by a servant she did not know-a plump, sleepy-looking girl wearing a warm wadded jacket.
  • widest Mr. Evringham strained his eyes to their widest and stared at Jewel, who shouted.
  • bedhead She took this responsibility stolidly, as she did also the easy-chair at the bedhead .

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