What is the correct spelling for WILTER?

If you meant to spell "wilter", it is likely that you meant "filter". This word is commonly used to describe the process of removing impurities or particles from a substance. Double-check your spelling to avoid confusion and ensure that your intended meaning is accurately conveyed.

Correct spellings for WILTER

  • filter I need to clean my filter before I can start my car.
  • kilter The car was out of kilter and required a repair.
  • walter Walter was elected mayor of our town.
  • welder I need a welder to fix the faucet.
  • welter The welter of activity made the room feel like a zoo.
  • Wielder The wielder of this weapon was able to devastate the enemy forces.
  • wilde Oscar Wilde was known for his wit and humorous writing style.
  • wilder My grandfather is a wilder in his eighties.
  • Willed She willed herself to stay focused despite the distractions around her.
  • Wilmer Wilmer was very upset after his bike was stolen.
  • wilt The flowers in the vase started to wilt because they had not been watered in days.
  • wilted The wilted flowers were a stark reminder of how quickly the season could change.
  • winter My favorite activity during winter is skiing.