What is the correct spelling for WINDELL?

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Correct spellings for WINDELL

  • dotting i's
  • dwindle She heard them descend the stairs, their footsteps dwindle, die away into silence ...
  • filling to overflowing
  • in-excitable
  • inter changeable
  • kindle "We must camp here for the night," declared Richard, and bade his men kindle fires.
  • looks over hell
  • more entwined
  • Randell At his elbow was the faithful Jess Randell.
  • snidely
  • swindle I went and had a good time of it down in the country, for the miners were very jolly fellows; but I was unable to satisfy my employers, and sent up a report which showed the public that the whole thing was a swindle, and so saved a good many people from loss.
  • swindler For they knew one another directly, and it was noised in a minute that Basil said to his cousins Paul and Jacques:- What is that notorious swindler and gambler doing here?
  • un-available
  • wander They were soon to wander away thence through the wilderness.
  • Wendell Mr. Lang is peculiarly unfortunate in calling Oliver Wendell Holmes to witness against his particular and pet aversion "I belong here" or "That does not belong there."
  • widely Germany The organisation of theatres in the German Empire is quite different and widely different the results!
  • wind For this reason it was necessary to make and fly new ones, for these the wind could now carry across the flat desert far away-perhaps as far as the ocean.
  • winded He made a furious struggle to escape from those who held him and get to Helen's side; for in those angry moments his English blood was on fire, and little, stout, short-winded, and pretty well exhausted by previous efforts as he was, he forgot everything but the fact that there was a helpless girl-an English lady-in deadly peril, and asking his aid.
  • winder They was on the winder-sill by where she slept, an' every day we'd take out the poor dead ones.
  • winders Turned her house into a jail-an' forgot to fasten the winders outside!
  • windfall To be sure, in common decency, it could only be regarded as a lucky windfall, but providentially the windfall was beginning to occur at frequent intervals.
  • windily Then she turned and fled to the front porch and breathed deeply and windily of the heady September Wisconsin morning air.
  • windless Some Irishmen were once diggin a well, and by sum means the rope on the windless broke, and the bucket went down to the bottom.
  • windmill Liza did not try to guard herself, but imitating the woman's motion, hit out with her own fists; and for a minute or two they continued thus, raining blows on one another with the same windmill motion of the arms.
  • window Mr. Maule moved back from his window.
  • winds The winds blew and brought storm and heat and sunshine and cloud.
  • windy Turtles that basked on days that were cloudy and windy, or cold and windy, did so in sheltered places, usually on the leeward sides of windbreaks such as limestone rocks, rock fences, or ravine banks.
  • winged Once the children, following the winged musicians from tree to tree, went away over half a mile from the camp, leaving in it the three negroes, the King, and Saba.
  • winkle There were some matters of procedure which have since been changed-such as Mr. Skimpin "calling for" Winkle, and the latter answering.
  • winter That does not happen in winter.
  • wonder Wonder Jennie didn't see me when she went in that other booth.