What is the correct spelling for WIOMEN?

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Correct spellings for WIOMEN

  • amen Whether it be in tones that strike the ear, or with a spiritual emphasis heard only in the silent corridor of the heart, let all the people say Amen !
  • limn I heard the hymn of being sound From every well of honour found In human sense and soul: The song of poets when they write The testament of Beautysprite Upon a flying scroll, The song of painters when they take A burning brush for Beauty's sake And limn her features whole- The song of men divinely wise Who look and see in starry skies Not stars so much as robins' eyes, And when these pale away Hear flocks of shiny pleiades Among the plums and apple trees Sing in the summer day- The song of all both high and low To some blest vision true, The song of beggars when they throw The crust of pity all men owe To hungry sparrows in the snow, Old beggars hungry too- The song of kings of kingdoms when They rise above their fortune men, And crown themselves anew,- The song of courage, heart and will And gladness in a fight, Of men who face a hopeless hill With sparking and delight, The bells and bells of song that ring Round banners of a cause or king From armies bleeding white- The song of sailors every one When monstrous tide and tempest run At ships like bulls at red, When stately ships are twirled and spun Like whipping tops and help there's none And mighty ships ten thousand ton Go down like lumps of lead- And song of fighters stern as they At odds with fortune night and day, Crammed up in cities grim and grey As thick as bees in hives, Hosannas of a lowly throng Who sing unconscious of their song, Whose lips are in their lives- And song of some at holy war With spells and ghouls more dread by far Than deadly seas and cities are, Or hordes of quarrelling kings-- The song of fighters great and small, The song of pretty fighters all, And high heroic things- The song of lovers-who knows how Twitched up from place and time Upon a sigh, a blush, a vow, A curve or hue of cheek or brow, Borne up and off from here and now Into the void sublime!
  • men 7850. Do you keep accounts with the men that you buy the fish from?
  • mien "A messenger, master, from Miss Stuart," said the man, shivering still from the wild face and mien .
  • oman 158. Mr. Oman is almost alone in not calling them English in blood.
  • omen "It seemed all to flow from my pen, without effort in a full stream," he said, "but I thought it must be poor stuff, and I determined to look for an omen to learn whether any success would attend this new departure.
  • simon Evidently Jesus is here a familiar guest in the house of Simon and makes it His head-quarters.
  • wen I was born with a "wen" in the corner of one eye next to my nose.
  • when Tell me-when did you leave to-night?"
  • whiten I saw her knuckles whiten as, with an inclination of the head, she acknowledged the toast.
  • whitman He no longer refuses the title of poet to Whitman and he shrinks from denying that the best free verse is poetry.
  • widen At last the walls of the tunnel were seen to widen out and the current to move more slowly.
  • wigeon
  • wimp
  • win Let me know if either of you want to win .
  • wine He helped himself to another glass of wine .
  • woman Charmian felt that she hated this woman .
  • womb Let not the sons from the same womb wage unnatural war in the soil of their fathers."
  • won The game is played out, and I have won it."
  • wooden They found a rifle-blanket in one of his wooden shoes, and it was heavy with gold-dust.
  • woodman He found a saw, and, attaching it to a light cord, slung it round his neck in the approved woodman fashion.
  • woolen It is very necessary for each person to provide himself with utensils for eating and drinking, also with a woolen blanket and some good shoes and some linen.
  • worn The shoes had been worn by someone for whom they were too small.
  • worsen
  • woven
  • Bowmen Without doubt fivescore valiant bowmen will soon be a-ranging when they hear that the enemy goes upon two feet, and then ill befall who knows not the passes."
  • women
  • Ween
  • Whom
  • Woodmen
  • Workmen
  • Wormed
  • Worming
  • Yeomen
  • Timon They were to meet at the entrance leading to their places, and it would be some little time yet before Timon could return.
  • Simone
  • airmen During this fighting our airmen have flown with extraordinary valour, and have done great work.
  • Wooten
  • cowmen And all the decent cowmen were scared of her, so who was naturally indicated and elected but Jefferson D. Creede?
  • woken
  • crenelates
  • dis-interests

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