What is the correct spelling for WIORDS?

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Correct spellings for WIORDS

  • cords For No. 3, the force exerted by the magnet is less than that of the weight, and it will also be pulled away from No. 2 until its elastic cords are stretched to the proper tension.
  • wads A very brown-faced man with twinkling gray eyes turned from buying black powder and felt wads to look at him amusedly.
  • weeds You're all to the weeds .
  • woods He was afterwards obliged to move about, from house to house, as favoured by friends, and often to hide in the woods , until he got better; but, as soon as he was able, he collected a few friends, and joined Gen.
  • woodsy But phoebe now frequently builds under our sheds and porches, where, so far as concealment is concerned, a change of material, say from moss to dry grass or shreds of bark, would be an advantage to her; but she departs not a bit from the family traditions; she uses the same woodsy mosses, which in some cases, especially when the nest is placed upon newly sawed timber, make her secret an open one to all eyes.
  • word It was his last word to her.
  • words I haven't heard those words for years!"
  • wordy True it is, Simplicity is not of it self very wordy , but methinks the Break, good gods!
  • works 6408. When he works a day's work to him, does he get his money for it, or is it put down in the account?
  • wires David couldn't see what the man on the pole did with the ends of the wires , but he fastened them somehow to the wires that were there already, and then he came down.
  • wits "Jenkins," answered Quorn hastily, rattling his wits together.
  • Warts Warts not uncommonly appear on or about the eyelids of cattle.
  • Widows A great deal of sympathy was excited in the south, as is generally the case, and a considerable amount of money was collected for the widows and orphans, and handed over to the merchant who was principally concerned in the fishery.
  • lords "We are not lords of the common speech of men," he writes, "for if we were, we would teach them to use their terms more properly; but seeing we cannot change the use of speech, we follow Aristotle's counsel, which is to speak and use words as the common people useth."
  • voids Man has truly become in a new sense the measure of the universe, and in this the latest and most appalling of his soundings, indications are returned from the infinite voids of space and time by which he is surrounded, that his intelligence, with all its noble capacities for love and adoration, is yet alone-destitute of kith or kin in all this universe of being.
  • weds "Before a maiden weds she chooses-an the laws of good King Harry be just ones," said Robin.
  • wizards "Wizards of thunder we Whose voice rolls Death; Wizards of lightning we Who flash forth Death!
  • winds "That plan will never do," exclaimed Luis: "contrary winds might delay us, or a rough sea might prevent my landing, and Clara would be lost to me for ever.
  • birds I've heard this man say that it's one of the best places for birds in the country."
  • swords The men here are armed with swords .
  • wards The doctor had me moved into one of the back wards , as this ward is in the range for firing; all the patients were removed to the back.
  • wields Our land, now ruled by a king who wields dominion over hundreds of tribes, was a few years ago under the sway of a mighty princess."
  • girds One girds himself to serve another, Whose father was the dust, whose mother The little dead red worm therein; They find no fruit of things they cherish; The goodness of a man shall perish, It shall be one thing with his sin.
  • worlds "We belong to different worlds , and I should never have spoken to you as I did.
  • WORMS I should get a nice Chinawoman like your brother Kumpee and then run off with her leaving the two of you to eat worms from the sidewalk.
  • FORDS These flocks always return from the barren lands in the far north by the same road, and cross rivers by the same fords.
  • weirdos
  • wilds At times too, as if to carry out this illusion, she listened with beating heart to the distant howl of some wandering beast, or to one or other of the mysterious noises heard during the night in the primeval wilds .
  • adscription
  • blownaway
  • dis-embowels
  • dis-embroil
  • dis-favors
  • dis-heartens
  • dis-inclining
  • dis-orient
  • dis-orientation
  • dis-praising
  • dis-proportion
  • dis-proportional
  • spoofings
  • down-turned

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