What is the correct spelling for WIP?

If you meant to type "wip" but misspelled it, there are a few possible corrections based on context. If you were referring to a "whip", commonly known as a flexible, lash-like instrument or the acronym "WIP" for "Work in Progress", those could be the correct suggestions for your misspelling.

Correct spellings for WIP

  • dip I'm going to dip my carrots in ranch dressing for a snack.
  • hip She owns a pair of hip sunglasses that always make her look trendy.
  • kip I need a kip after mowing the lawn in the sun.
  • lip She nervously bit her bottom lip during the job interview.
  • nip I always nip my cat's claws so they don't get too long.
  • pip The bird had a pip in its beak.
  • rip He tried to rip the old shirt apart, but it was too tough.
  • sip I like to sip my coffee slowly and savor the flavor.
  • tip Make sure to leave a tip for your server after a good meal.
  • vip The concert tickets include access to the VIP lounge.
  • whip She used a whisk to whip the eggs for the cake batter.
  • wi
  • wig She bought a wig to wear to the costume party.
  • WII I enjoy playing Mario Party on my WII with my friends.
  • wimp He was such a wimp that he always avoided confrontations.
  • win She worked hard to win the championship title.
  • wipe I need to wipe my hands before touching anything.
  • Wis
  • wisp The wisp of smoke rose up from the campfire and disappeared into the starry sky.
  • wit She showed her wit in her hilarious jokes.
  • wiz The young boy was a wiz at solving puzzles and always impressed his classmates.
  • WP
  • yip The puppy let out a high-pitched yip when it saw its owner coming towards it.
  • zip I'm going to zip up my coat before we go outside.