What is the correct spelling for WOAH?

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Correct spellings for WOAH

  • AAH There were also found the jewels of Queen Aah-hotep, who lived 1700 B. C., consisting of exquisite chains, diadems, ear-rings, and bracelets, which no modern queen would hesitate to wear.
  • advancing market
  • advantageousnesses
  • boa Struggle as he would he could not free himself; it was a huge boa-constrictor that was closing about him like bands of iron, and was just about to crush him to death when the lion disappeared and a little boy in a blue serge suit wriggled away, sobbing out: Oh, Mother!
  • boar He had much rather that his boar-hound fight for him, so he issued the summons.
  • give gate
  • goa Though many of the rank in which I was born, would have looked upon mercantile pursuits as wholly derogatory to their dignity, nameless and unknown, I laughed at such prejudices; and soon finding means to bring my talents into notice, I obtained an employment in which I was eminently successful; when one high in power, who had always borne me a deadly enmity, arrived in Goa, and would, I felt confident, recognise me through all the disguises I might assume.
  • noah Now, although there can be no doubt that the above is a very witty story, we can assure our readers that it is not perfectly correct in all respects, inasmuch as there are fine churches, though it is difficult to determine the order of their architecture; and there are palaces and castles, which we do not in history find there were when Noah dwelt upon earth; but we do very strongly suspect that the roads, if there were any, could not have been worse.
  • oar The whole sail was on her, and I could not help myself; for it would have been certain death to quit the steering oar for an instant.
  • oh Oh, how I wanted you!
  • Pah No matter what it was, it could do no hurt at that distance; and as to overtaking him, pah!
  • RAH This time Hammond forgot to mock and instead sent up a long, lusty slogan that did her credit: "Rah, rah, rah!
  • roar Its roar was shaken from height to height.
  • shah Heroes in the "Shah Nemeh."
  • soar He would neither dive nor soar; he would strive neither to teach nor to reform.
  • VOA
  • wa Tall Nipa palms and a species of bamboo grew out of the water, while above us the long branches of enormous forest trees stretched over us on either side, and formed a kind of natural archway, their branches alive with monkeys of every description, from the hideous proboscis to the pretty wa-wa, whose cry exactly resembles the running of water from a narrow-necked bottle.
  • Wac The Wac Corporal then proceeds on its own fuel, reaching a fantastic speed in the thin air higher up.
  • wad I wad like fine to be able to do that.
  • wag After which he began to wag his tail and bark joyfully as if he wanted to say: I admit that I behaved like a coward before the lions, but to tell the truth, you sat perched on the tree like guinea-fowls.
  • wan Peggy replied with a wan smile: "But, dearest mother, you forget.
  • war This war may do something for us.
  • wash "Come in and let mother wash it off," he continued.
  • way I mean, not in that way."
  • weak But one dark night, while still somewhat weak, he went out to visit a friend.
  • weal For when Nancy loves a person, she loves that person through thick and thin, through weal and woe.
  • wean "I trust, Miss Rolfe, that we shall wean your father from his long seclusion.
  • wear Very well, then; why not wear it?
  • wham And so it was this time-once over and wham!
  • wish I wish you were out of it all.
  • woad Wool cloth, cotton cloth, flannel cloth, hose-yarn, hats, and caps shall be dyed black only with dye from the woad plant and not with any false black dye.
  • woe Woe unto you ...
  • wog Uncle Squeaky sometimes took them for a sail upon Pond Lily Lake; they fished from Polly-Wog Bridge and went splashing about in the water dressed in their bathing-suits.
  • woos No man of my years woos a woman, unless his heart's strong impulse urges him on.
  • Wot Thet's wot the doctor at the 'orspital says ter me.
  • WOWS All of which is perfectly natural, nothing at all to your discredit, and furthermore shows whence come the few good men, who, sticking their heels in, are trying to keep the country from going to the demnition bow-wows.