What is the correct spelling for WOLDER?

If you've mistakenly typed "wolder" and want to discover the correct alternatives, you could consider words like "wilder", "folder" or "older". These options convey different meanings, so choose the one that makes the most sense in your context. Remember to proofread before sending to ensure accuracy.

Correct spellings for WOLDER

  • bolder She decided to take a bolder approach to her business strategy and it paid off with increased profits.
  • colder The temperature drops as winter approaches, making it colder outside.
  • folder I organized my documents by creating a folder for each project.
  • Holder She slowly and carefully placed the fragile vase on the wooden holder.
  • holder The wine glass holder on the coffee table was full of empty glasses.
  • molder The old books had been left untouched for years, causing them to molder and decay.
  • older My older brother is four years elder than me.
  • polder The farmers in the Netherlands rely on the intricate network of polders to protect their fields from flooding.
  • solder He used a solder to join the two metal pieces together.
  • w older As we grow older, we tend to appreciate the smaller things in life.
  • welder My neighbor is a skilled welder and can fix just about anything.
  • wilder The forest became wilder as we ventured deeper into its depths.
  • Wilder My younger brother is a wilder version of myself, always seeking adventure and taking risks.
  • wold er
  • Wonder She gazed out at the vast ocean, filled with wonder at its infinite beauty.
  • wonder The child looked up at the night sky in wonder, captivated by the countless stars twinkling above.