What is the correct spelling for WONDEER?

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Correct spellings for WONDEER

  • ponder Afterwards he began to ponder upon the most heroic manner of saving her, but his thoughts became confused.
  • wander To wander (AS. windan, wind) is to move in an indefinite or indeterminate way which may or may not be a departure from a prescribed way; to deviate (L. de, from, and via, a way) is to turn from a prescribed or right way, physically, mentally, or morally, usually in an unfavorable sense; to diverge (L. di, apart, and vergo, incline, tend) is to turn from a course previously followed or that something else follows, and has no unfavorable implication; to digress (L. di, apart, aside, and gradior, step) is used only with reference to speaking or writing; to err is used of intellectual or moral action, and of the moral with primary reference to the intellectual, an error being viewed as in some degree due to ignorance. Range, roam, and rove imply the traversing of considerable, often of vast, distances of land or sea; range commonly implies a purpose; as, cattle range for food; a hunting-dog ranges a field for game. Roam and rove are often purposeless, and always without definite aim. To swerve or veer is to turn suddenly from a prescribed or previous course, and often but momentarily; veer is more capricious and repetitious; the horse swerves at the flash of a sword; the wind veers; the ship veers with the wind. To stray is to go in a somewhat purposeless way aside from the regular path or usual limits or abode, usually with unfavorable implication; cattle stray from their pastures; an author strays from his subject; one strays from the path of virtue. Stray is in most uses a lighter word than wander. Ramble, in its literal use, is always a word of pleasant suggestion, but in its figurative use always somewhat contemptuous; as, rambling talk.
  • wanderer Cain was a wanderer over the face of the earth.
  • winder So I just jumped through the winder and was up on to 'im.
  • winter We'll hope the winter may come late this year.
  • wonder I wonder who she is.
  • yonder Lord only knows why my mansion yonder didn't go.
  • Wonders And Moses and Aaron did all these wonders before Pharaoh; and the Lord made strong Pharaoh's heart, and he did not let the children of Israel go out of his land.
  • Wounder Many a wound of friendship heals, but the wounder and the wounded are never the same to each other afterward.
  • fonder Think after so many years of absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder you're going to trample over me like I was a kid?
  • woodier She heard the captain accosting the child of luck as Mr. Woodier, and she made a rustle in rising to take Fleetwood's arm.
  • wordier
  • gets involved in
  • looks over hell
  • re-affirms
  • sacrocaudal
  • Samariform