What is the correct spelling for WOORY?

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Correct spellings for WOORY

  • dory After the schooner had sailed on a straight course a few hundred yards, the captain cast off the second dory, then along a little farther the third one, and so on till the five boats were all setting gear in parallel lines to each other.
  • gory Well, I think he has had enough," and suddenly he released the Abati, who, a gory and most unpleasant spectacle, fell to the ground and lay there panting.
  • hooray The murmur suddenly swelled up into a low distant roar; and although it was a mile and half away you could distinctly hear the words, "Three cheers for Luke the Hermit: Hooray!
  • tory My uncle, a moderate Tory, was opposed, though quietly and without vehemence, to the claims of the banished House.
  • vary Critics are taking an entirely different stand toward rhythm, admitting that the poets have the right to vary their measures, create new rhythm and not be held in bondage to old verse forms.
  • very I should like to go, very much.
  • ware So much was spoken of at the meeting over which Priest Ware prayed.
  • wary She had always been as shy and wary as any little brown bird of the woods.
  • weary Seven long, weary months at the best.
  • wherry His fury somewhat it doth slake; He calleth for a ferry; Where you may some recovery note, What was his club he made his boat, And in his oaken cup doth float, As safe as in a wherry.
  • wire I think I know why you came, and now I'll see to it that you have a good story to wire to your paper, to-night.
  • wiry They had been pushing their way along a narrow trail with the tops of the vegetation waving a good three feet above their heads, when there was a sudden grunt heard ahead and the noise of great rushing through the wiry grass.
  • woo I would woo you as a humble suitor for your hand; but, if you spurn my love, I have the power, and will exert it, to command you as a master; ay, and I will so tame that proud spirit, that you will crave as a boon what you now so haughtily refuse."
  • wood There was not a sound; the whole wood was as silent as the grave.
  • woody Reaching the site, where the woody path terminated in the highway, he turned.
  • wooer Lingard looked the man to be a masterful, a happy wooer.
  • woof When he saw the farmer's big Maltese cat, he said "Woof!"
  • wool 2690. Did she knit with your wool?
  • woolly When the boy had looked the room over and seen all the faces, Scollops helped him to wash his hands and face, to comb his hair and to brush his clothes, and when this task was finished, the woolly doll said: I will now show you why this room is called the laughing chamber.
  • woozy "Woozy," Rick said honestly.
  • word I give you my word for that.
  • wordy When Have I been found of you so wordy-wise That thou or he should call to counsel one So slow of speech and wit as thou and he, Who know my hand no sluggard, know your son?
  • work I do not work in that way.
  • worm "No, I won't worm out and inquisit," she says-and we are bound to give her exact language.
  • wormy Hicks, was, or was not, that trout you gave my wife, wormy?
  • worn You let him walk all the way when he is worn-out and hurt!
  • worry Don't worry your head about it, but keep quiet.
  • wort I think since we came picking St. John's wort I understand how wise she is.
  • wry Whenever his new friend mentioned his cane, Monsieur Courbichon made a wry face, but he did not venture to make any complaint.
  • Rory They returned at dusk, Rory again seated on Harold's shoulder, and two of the little boys clinging around him.
  • Wore "And-and-" He gently touched the black she wore, and fixed puzzled and troubled eyes upon her face.
  • Were If I were to tell you all...."
  • Cory But, for the sake of his family, brave old Giles Cory calmly faced this terrible, lingering death.
  • Kory
  • woos From me his madding mind is turned: He woos the widow's daughter, of the glen.
  • we're "We're getting a bit late.
  • who're To protect him from elements on the island who're set to disown Parliament.
  • uncolor
  • unembellishment