What is the correct spelling for WORCE?

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Correct spellings for WORCE

  • circe The boats were sent back to the yacht, which was put in charge of the first officer, and followed in the wake of the Circe .
  • coerce They saw that a small minority of women was trying to induce them to coerce the great majority.
  • farce He responded to actual life; Farce is artificial; it is thus that the beauty and charm as well as the humour of life were involved in his representations.
  • force He must force the people to sell.
  • gorse The road winds along around the desolate hills, keeping mostly rather far inland, and it passes by acres of rough land covered with the wayward gorse , where small, fox-red cows take an interest in the stranger.
  • horse He turned the horse and looked.
  • joyce "She distinctly told me," Alix remarked, "that dear Mr. Joyce had said that she was the best woman driver he ever saw."
  • morse Anyhow, we're much obliged to you, Mr. Morse .
  • norse In any case the word is Norse .
  • source Dillard's revelation had proven a source of much concern, and he had not been able to get away from it.
  • verse She pleased the people by her social enthusiasm, a characteristic more marked in her verse than in that of any of the poets mentioned.
  • vice The Vice -Chairman was always there, and Mr. Marthorne was always there.
  • voice Yes, I heard his voice .
  • ware We bore it patiently in spite of the loss, for stone-ware is terribly dear here.
  • wince I make him wince , and smart.
  • wire And a dreadful half-thought came to him, "Suppose there were a fire at the theatre, and I had to wire ...
  • wise What a wise horse he was!
  • woe "If you brought human being from yonder ship woe will come of it.
  • woozy "Darry," spoke Wolgast in a voice full of feeling, "you're not woozy to-day, are you?"
  • word Wait until I give the word .
  • words "I'm sorry I didn't see her," was all Marjorie could find words for, as she turned to go.
  • wordy A wordy war followed, in which Natty Dingle's authority was invoked in vain; and the boy, being bigger than I and in his own yard, drove me away at last for daring to tell him about a bird that his own cat had caught and that his own father had called a blind snipe.
  • work Did they go back to work then?
  • worker The wonder worker tries to make each customer believe that he is buying at the lowest price.
  • works Harding-Harding of the iron works .
  • worm The elderly official, who had a singular talent for making one feel by a mere look what a worm one really is, appeared.
  • wormy I found 600,000 pounds of maize were wormy and over 700,000 pounds of corned beef were putrid.
  • worn Never been worn before.
  • worry He has enough to worry him."
  • worse I tell you it is worse with you: you have no son.
  • worsen But let a holistic practitioner treat a sick person and have that person follow any of their suggestions or take any natural remedies and have that person die or worsen and it instantly becomes the natural doctor's fault.
  • worst And Dick has been-well, Dick at his very worst .
  • wort Put it to about three quarts of wort , and stir it, to make it work well.
  • worth "Yes, because he would do something worth while; he would write a book.
  • Woke I woke up with another headache.
  • Wore The others wore the same.
  • Were 1259. When were you paid for them?
  • Whose Manley, upon whose account it was that Val was so anxious, seemed to have nothing whatever to say about it.
  • Wove They persuaded them to gather into towns, where they built comfortable houses and tight warehouses, while the men cultivated the soil and the women spun and wove cotton.
  • Royce Royce: Spirit of Modern Philosophy, p.
  • Wars "Come back from the wars, eh?
  • woos He woos best who leaves first, particularly if he goes forth to battle or the semblance of battle.
  • WORMS If there are symptoms of worms or of indigestion, follow the general treatment advised for those troubles under their proper heads.
  • WOES 13. Is this thing we call life, with all its troubles, pains, and woes, after all, worth living?
  • WOWS But first, you must know how this good drink, and the faculty of making it, came down to me from the chiefs, and sachems, and Peow-wows, that were your ancestors and mine, Septimius, and from the old wizard who was my great-grandfather and yours, and who, they say, added the fire-water to the other ingredients, and so gave it the only one thing that it wanted to make it perfect."
  • we're We're going to get on, you know-I'm sure of it!
  • who're I don't seem to have heard that thousand-dollar parties to boys who can't smoke a five-cent cigar right, and girls who're just out for a good time anyway, are liable to bring you interest on the capital invested, except in the way of contempt.
  • dis-guise
  • dis-proportional
  • in-verse

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