What is the correct spelling for WORGS?

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Correct spellings for WORGS

  • borges Francis Borges is a college lecturer but is better known for his experience and knowledge of plants.
  • gorgas The first chief engineer appointed was Mr. John F. Wallace, who arrived on the Zone June 28, 1904, accompanied by Colonel Gorgas , U.S.A., head of the Sanitation Department.
  • togs Fact is," he continued, looking down at his trousers, "I had no time to get my own togs together.
  • vargas And Queene Mary his daughter for one Epithalamie or nuptiall song made by Vargas a Spanish Poet at her mariage with king Phillip in Winchester gaue him during his life two hundred Crownes pension: nor this reputation was giuen them in auncient times altogether in respect that Poesie was a delicate arte, and the Poets them selues cunning Princepleasers, but for that also they were thought for their vniuersall knowledge to be very sufficient men for the greatest charges in their common wealthes, were it for counsell or for conduct, whereby no man neede to doubt but that both skilles may very well concurre and be most excellent in one person.
  • wages Just before he left Barton Reeve brought him the wages due him, which Leo thrust into his pocket without counting.
  • words In other words , no one can say that the book is not full of life.
  • work Work is the generic term for any continuous application of energy toward an end; work may be hard or easy. Labor is hard and wearying work ; toil is straining and exhausting work . Work is also used for any result of work ing, physical or mental, and has special senses, as in mechanics, which labor and toil do not share. Drudgery is plodding, irksome, and often menial work . Compare ACT; BUSINESS.
  • works 3. The law being an authorised statement of what innocence means, and therefore of the only terms upon which a man might hope to live by works , is an organic whole, and we either keep it as a whole or break it.
  • worse Richard has been worse than ever this time.
  • wog Members of the Academy will be pleased to know that their fellow-Immortal, Mr. Gus Wog , was elected in North Dakota.
  • Wars The poor nurse looked as if she had been in the wars; she did not get angry, she loved Johnny so much; she only held fast with one hand to her ragged old hat, and hurried home, laughing as hard as Johnny.
  • dogs In the distance dogs barked.
  • logs Amalia's mother seemed to have withdrawn herself from them and sat gazing into the smoking logs , apparently not hearing their conversation.
  • wags There were two especially, who were regular wags of the road, and up to all the standing jokes of travellers.
  • forges It strives and struggles and gives life itself for political freedom, while it forges social chains and fetters for itself and wears them with a foolish smile.
  • workers And so, where reasoning would have led them to folly, obedient faith makes them fellow-workers in a miracle.
  • gorges Clouds of a different kind were seen through the gorges .
  • hogs In the case of hogs it is generally the ears which are affected.
  • wedges Dyspeptic individuals bolted their food in wedges ; feeding not themselves, but broods of nightmares, who were continually standing at livery within them.
  • woos De Lorge, rendered famous by the incident, woos and wins a beauty who is admired by the King, and acquires practice in seeking her gloves-where he is not meant to find them-at the moments in which his presence is superfluous.
  • bogs Wood is almost universally used for family fuel, as well as for manufacturing purposes, though some considerable quantities of peat are realized from the bogs in some of the southern districts, which is also consumed in domestic use.
  • jogs A cart comes slowly down the road, and the labourer with it sings as he jogs along; but, if you listen, it tells you nothing of wheat, or hay, or flocks and herds, nothing of the old gods and heroes.
  • fogs In pressing onward, light variable winds and thick fogs prevailed.
  • WORMS In the meantime Greson dug around among some dirt near the pool for worms.
  • COGS The power for cutting with these instruments is supplied by pulling together two long handles which, in order to transmit a greater force, are generally so constructed that they act through the medium of a series of cogs.
  • WOGS He told the agent the history of the polly-wogs he had raised "till they was all froggies, only one was deaded."
  • WOES It was impossible not to be impressed by the evidence that a lack of discipline had contributed to the colony's woes, and Dale, who sailed in March, undoubtedly was intended to draw upon his experience as a soldier for the better discipline of the colonists.
  • ERGS The day was rapidly coming to an end and nowhere does day become night so quickly as in the ergs of the Sahara.
  • WOPS It is hard work to get a new idea into the mind of a man who is encased in a shell of ignorance or prejudice, but the salesman is worse than bad-mannered who lets another man, whoever he is, know that he thinks his religion is no good, that his political party is rotten, that his country is not worth a cancelled postage stamp, and that the people of his race are "frogs," "square-heads," "dagos," "wops," or "kikes."
  • WOWS But if Crawford was such a swell as not to want to speak to a gentleman in public, why did he hold so many pow-wows in private with Spatola?
  • whores We agreed he would never bring his whores here."
  • whorls I venture to express the opinion that the image of the sun, which I find represented here thousands and thousands of times upon the whorls of terra-cotta, must be regarded as the name or emblem of the town-that is, Ilios.
  • verges I see no end to it, have every thing to fear from it, and nothing to hope-There is a thought-Ay, that verges to madness!
  • boogeymen
  • dis-comforting
  • dis-guise
  • dis-interestedly
  • dis-proportional
  • dogcatchers
  • dogpaddled
  • dogpaddles
  • frightfulnesses
  • in-tangibles
  • in-temperate
  • in-verse
  • insculpting
  • insculpts
  • mis-belief
  • co-ordinators

7 words made from the letters WORGS

  • 4 letter words made from WORGS:

    grow, rows.
  • 5 letter words made from WORGS:

  • 3 letter words made from WORGS:

    gsr, row, sow, wog.