What is the correct spelling for WORLS?

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Correct spellings for WORLS

  • wales For the separation of the wheat from the chaff, a process by no means difficult, the colony of New South Wales was formerly well adapted.
  • wells The road I followed from Shepton to Wells winds by the water-side, a tributary of the Brue, in a narrow valley with hills on either side.
  • whorl The number of chambers is irregular, and they are generally wanting in the innermost whorl .
  • wool 8897. What is paid for wool ?
  • words Let us see just what the words mean.
  • works Surely with all your knowledge you can get some ordinary work to do till you can get your works out!"
  • world There is no one in the world I care for as I do for you.
  • worse I do know my own mind; and, what's worse , I know Mr. Beaton's mind."
  • Wills Many of them have strong wills of their own, and if we will allow it, will run over us, and have their own way in spite of us.
  • Owls It is a way he has of brightening the more sober times of getting his own living, and keeping a sharp lookout for cats and owls and prowling foxes.
  • Voles In my room I caught mice, voles, and shrews.
  • Wars In wars plenty of men do that.
  • weals The four ne'er-do-weals, foreseeing what awaited them at Jayasthal, deferred it as a last resource; determining first to see a little life, and to push their way in the world, before condemning themselves to the tribulations of reform.
  • swirls Then, as this eagerly interested spectator was intently watching the swirls of the deep pool, there was a sudden wave on the surface, she struck up her rod slightly, and the next moment away went her line tearing through the water, while the reel screamed out its joyous note of recognition.
  • wails She's the sad, mourning woman of the Good People that weeps and wails about the house when anybody of the family is to die, anywhere in the world.
  • walls He lies in his grave, and I have buried myself within these four walls .
  • woos Ursula's eyes were full of a sad kindness-the kindness any mother must feel towards one who worthily woos her daughter-but she replied distinctly- "I feel, with my husband, that such a marriage would be impossible."
  • whirls "To my dearest lord of the gray stone castle, whom I love with all my heart, but who whirls past me as I sit tending geese in the meadow," she planned to write, and dipped the quill in the purple ink.
  • worlds There are other worlds in which we can see horrible shapes.
  • WORMS A glorious night like this; a dazzling full moon sailing in the blue beyond the tumbled chaos of loose cloud so near the earth; the riot of the wind-swept trees fighting to keep a shred of their old green on their bareness, making new concessions to the blast, and beating their stripped limbs together in their despair; the endless swirl of leaves at liberty, free now at last to enjoy a short and merry life before becoming food for worms.
  • WOES You are hearing Heine the poet when he describes in his Confessions his feelings as he lay on his mattress grave, no less than when you peruse his love woes in verse.
  • WOLFS It is supposed to be the original of Wolfs Crag in The Bride of Lammermoor.
  • WOWS Edith said it was an "empty country," and indeed there were few houses; but there must have been more dogs than houses, for the whole journey had a running accompaniment of "bow-wow-wows."
  • whorls It was six feet high and had twelve flowers, in two whorls , forming a pyramid.
  • wiles For your wiles are many, and what do I know?
  • viols The centre platform was roofed in, and just running over with men holding fiddles, drums, twisted horns, trumpets, great puffy bass viols , and everything else that could turn music into thunder, and thunder back into music.
  • twirls But the Baroness begs him to give himself no further trouble with regard to them, as she is scarcely ever at home,-whereupon she vanishes on the arm of the host, and the Prince twirls his moustache with a comical grimace.
  • wholes But if this somewhat severe judgment must be passed on the poems as wholes , and from a certain point of view, it may be considerably softened when they are considered more in detail.
  • bluecollar
  • boskier
  • dis-enthralls
  • dis-guise
  • dis-proportional
  • fored
  • fourflushers
  • in-substantial
  • in-tangibles
  • spoofings
  • un-orthodoxly

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