What is the correct spelling for WOUTD?

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Correct spellings for WOUTD

  • outdo English, Spanish, Italian and Hanseatic merchants tried to outdo the Netherland traders in magnificent clothes and golden ornaments.
  • routed I trusted in the tale of my troops, whilst my foe trusted in Allah, so he defeated me and routed me and I was put to a shameful flight and hid myself in one of the mountains, where I met with a Religious who had withdrawn himself from the world.
  • tout The spectacle of a wretched creature who was defending his own head, bitterly demanded by the public accuser, was a matter of amusement for Tout -Paris, whose appetite for the theatre had not yet been satisfied by four years of war and ten millions of dead men dissolving behind the flies.
  • woad In addition to the clan colours, some players will also paint the faces of their ork armies blue in a "Woad" fashion (due to the ork belief that blue is a lucky color).
  • wold A Nemesis concealed In the shades of wold and field, Breathes of vengeance to the foemen as they run; They are rushing in despair, But there's carnage everywhere, And they know not what to welcome or to shun.
  • wont Moor-houses were little buildings in which miners were wont to change their wet underground garments for dry clothes.
  • wonted And the turbulent youths, being long restrained from their wonted outlet for vehemence, by the troopers in the neighbourhood, were only too glad to rush forth upon any promise of blows and excitement.
  • wood Spear-heads of mulga wood .
  • wooded Wooded mountains, not so high as the giants in Switzerland, yet by no means contemptible, border the narrow boundaries of the valley.
  • word I give you my word with pleasure.
  • world I spoke of Monsieur Phellion as all the world is speaking of him.
  • wort Great care is required in boiling the wort after it is drawn off, and the hops must be put in with the first boiling.
  • would What would you wish me to play?
  • wound Old Eely's watch is regularly wound up."
  • Voted They had now voted themselves so."
  • Waded Slowly Penny waded around the building, unwilling to acknowledge failure.
  • Waited All those years he had waited in vain.
  • Wot People acrost the river must ha' wondered wot was 'appening.
  • Whited He called them liars, hypocrites, thieves, vipers, whited sepulchres and fools.
  • Witted If he wears it tipped slightly, he belongs to the best and most interesting people, is nimble-witted and pleasant.
  • Won't And I won't be.
  • Wooed For twelve years he had waited upon her, wooed her, hoped to win her.
  • Worded It is sufficient for his purpose that he should throw into the Post Office any letter so worded as to confirm the impression which it is his object to convey.
  • Touted BuzzFeed writer, Brian Galindo playfully touted the camp appeal of the cartoon as "embodying 80s decadence", describing the series as "the original Beverly Hills, 90210, but way, way more ridiculous.
  • Pouted "I knew very well that you kissed me for somebody else," the poor sister pouted, flushing red.
  • wowed
  • outed On 19 January 2009, British newspaper The Daily Telegraph ran a story claiming that they had "outed" Collins as being one of the people behind the white-suit incarnation of The Stig, at the same time noting that "Collins, from Bristol, has always denied b
  • dis-proportional

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