What is the correct spelling for WRIDE?

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Correct spellings for WRIDE

  • arid He had suffered during his military career from more than one subaltern on whose arid consciousness the brain-wave never beat.
  • bride Or 'The Bride of Lammermoor'?"
  • deride With a throbbing at his temples, a prickly heat on his chest, a clammy coldness in his spine-with his voice sounding harsh and querulous, or dull and faint-with the sense that all the invisible powers of evil had combined to deride , to defeat, and to destroy him-he struggled on toward the bitterly bitter end of his ordeal.
  • dried Would the gentleman not come in and warm himself at the fire and get his clothes dried ?
  • fried 9. In what way can fried food be made digestible?
  • grid We made the small grid so it would work the same as the big one when it was finished.
  • pride I was pleased to see the pride which the young fellow seemed to have of his father.
  • rad "Dat big el'phant ought to be livin' in a barn," declared Rad .
  • raid I did not know the raid would be discovered and the warning take effect so soon.
  • raider Isn't there supposed to be a German raider out?
  • red "Good morning," he said; and then: "I thought you told me this fellow Carpenter was not a red ?"
  • reed His character bent and then broke under the stress, proving, she now supposed, that he was actually a weak reed after all.
  • reid I went for Mr. Sutherland, and then for Mr. George Reid Tait.
  • rid "We're rid of him," exclaimed Nora.
  • ride Now, where's the little girl who was to ride beside me?
  • rider In a few minutes, and on the top of the elevation, appeared a rider , holding before him a white object.
  • ridge It's slow and deep until you reach the fall, where it's merely held up by the ridge of rock the rapid runs across.
  • rite Bishop Seabury felt the need of a rite of this sort and prepared one, but whether it was ever in actual use among the clergy of Connecticut the writer is not informed.
  • rod Then Soames put up his fishing-rod and picked up the oars.
  • rodeo And then, as the music came to us once more, he continued: "Say, Sour-dough, let's go over to the rodeo -they got some likely looking broncs over there."
  • rude "I'm not being rude ," replied the other.
  • tried 16,722. Have you tried them?
  • wide You can't think how wide the difference is between her now and a year ago.
  • wired Beyond that was a large room in which I found many suits of clothes, some smaller, some bigger than the estimated size wired from the ship.
  • writ The meetings of the Storthing are quite independent of the King, not even requiring a writ of assemblage from him.
  • write I'll write him you said that, mother.
  • writer Allan Dorris loves me as the writer of the letters you have shown me loved you before the other girl came in his way; and I love him as you have loved the writer of the letters all these years.
  • Rode He rode with them.
  • Rued His dark face turned ashen-grey and his great eyes looked at me in tearful enquiry, but so grievously that I already rued my unseemly deed.
  • Ryder They hoped she would not reveal it to any of the other girls first, and they looked on in quite a fever of anxiety whenever she spoke to Elsie Ryder or Marjorie Butler, who sat one on either side of her.
  • Wrote Mother wrote and asked him to stay with us last time he was in England.
  • Cried "Ah, I've always known it," he cried, "I've known it from the first.
  • Pried Anyway, every thing of value that was loose or could be pried loose, went to Spain.
  • RDA
  • rids By sacrificing Naida, he rids himself of a source of contention amongst the ape-men.
  • rides With reviving hopes her anxious lover rides to the farm, sees the half-stunned, unhappy girl, and, after a while, manages to remove her to his sister's house.
  • writes "She wrote these lines," Nina added, "with the calmness of a person who is unable to live any longer for the very agony of his pain, and writes down his dying wish."
  • RD Hence the Comptroller and I to Sir Rd .
  • RTE
  • wider The state makes possible a common good on a much wider scale.
  • Rhode In Rhode Island, one of our oldest states, is Brown College, chosen by New England's aristocracy for the education of its sons; and these boys go to social affairs in the best homes in Providence, and they call them "petting-parties."
  • ruder Virgil, whose genius made as free use of the diction and sentiment of native as of Greek poets, has cast the ruder language of the old poet into a new mould in some of the greatest speeches of the Aeneid, and seems to have drawn from the same source something of the high spirit and lofty pathos with which he has animated the personages of his story.

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