What is the correct spelling for WROMS?

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Correct spellings for WROMS

  • remus Uncle Remus had watched him, no doubt, on some moonlight night when he gathered his boon companions together for a frolic.
  • rom The explanation that Rom is a corruption of rom ance and that the book of Rom is simply the book of rom ance or the book written in the rom ance language, French, can easily be supported.
  • rome And supposing that the Jews had received some immunities and privileges from Rome as an acknowledgment of its favour, this would affect no other nation.
  • rooms The house stands a little back from the road, with a drive to the door which may be called the front entrance; though the principal rooms are behind, and look into the garden.
  • ross At the conclusion of the show that evening Leo decided to join the company, and from that moment on he and Carl Ross became warm friends.
  • Ramos "My father was Colonel Ramos Jose Velasquez; that also is my brother's name, except that he is not an officer.
  • Forms In low temperature new ice forms rapidly.
  • rows But before going off to her solitary meal, Mrs. Maule went over to that portion of the library where were kept several rows of old law books that had belonged to Dick Wantele's father.
  • roams He roams the wild prairies where the fields need no ploughing.
  • rims Her blue eyes had black pupils and dark outside rims .
  • norms Standards and norms of a new kind would be obtained.
  • aromas The drenched night air was warm: to Miss Gabriel, inhaling it in the passage by the drawing-room door, it seemed to be laden with the scents of summer, and Miss Gabriel had not lived all her life in Garland Town without learning the subtle aromas of the wind, to distinguish those that were harmless or beneficent from those that warned, those that threatened, those that were morose, savage, malignant, those that piped a note of madness and meant a hurricane.
  • warms We rise on elbows, still in the bags, to enjoy the one heavenly treat of our lives, the cup of tea which warms the hand and the stomach at once.
  • rams Each man has his own particular hostelry, where his father, and his grandfather, put up before him, and where he is expected to dine in the same old room, with the pictures of famous rams , that have fetched fabulous prices, framed against the walls, and ram's horns of exceptional size and peculiar curve fixed up above the mantelpiece.
  • grooms This was about the time when they found the white geranium in the churchyard, and began to send grooms about the country on horses.
  • OMS
  • WORMS How easy it was to miss each other in that immeasurable expanse, even with a whole caravan; and how much more so two children, who, as they imagined, crept like two little worms somewhere amid heather higher than themselves!
  • REMS
  • REAMS How to attain this give-and-take action of the arms is better shown by even a moderate performer in five minutes of practical illustration than by reams of book instruction.
  • ROES
  • ROMEOS I have already hinted that Master Simon is a family beau, and considered rather a young fellow by all the elderly ladies of the connexion; for an old bachelor, in an old family connexion, is something like an actor in a regular dramatic corps, who seems to "flourish in immortal youth," and will continue to play the Romeos and Rangers for half a century together.
  • ROMPS For how often in those days I used to ride out to where the flock of one to two thousand sheep were scattered on the plain, to sit on my pony and watch the glad romps of the little lambs with keenest delight!
  • RUMS Then, as I think I said, Mr. Smith came in every morning and there was a tremendous outpouring of Florida water and rums, essences and revivers and renovators, regardless of expense.
  • promos
  • dorms
  • rimes 247; rimes of, ii.
  • ablebodied
  • ablenesses
  • absinthal
  • absolutenesses
  • abstainings
  • absterged
  • all-iterative
  • all-over
  • cattinesses
  • crumblings
  • cryptanalyze
  • ex-cruciate
  • intelligentsias

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