What is the correct spelling for WSATCHED?

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Correct spellings for WSATCHED

  • hatched "Acushla," she said to me one night after a theological discussion, "sure ye remind me of a ducklin' hatched by a hen."
  • latched But he was always a gentlemanly rascal, and it takes something besides a bolted door and a window latched on the inside to make me believe he has gotten down to dirty work.
  • matched She did not add that this girl's face lacked the good-natured, happy expression that so perfectly matched Mary Raymond's sunny curls.
  • patched His clothing, which had been rudely patched with cotton flour-bags, was old and stained with soil; his face was hard and grim; and she grew apprehensive under his fixed scrutiny.
  • sachet Mrs. Tripp, a faded, apologetic person smelling of rice-powder and sachet , smiled vaguely upon her and murmured something about "Evy's wonderful taste!"
  • satchel Mrs. Brian brought down her satchel , and Dil put in her white dress, some aprons, and various small matters.
  • sated Now that I had time to think it over I remembered that red rotor spinning madly past my eyes, that horrible hatred and afterward, that sated sense of fulfillment....
  • stitched He shot the 'possums for the sake of their skins though, spread and tacked the grey pelts against the wall of the house, and when the sun had dried them, Mary stitched them into a rug.
  • washed I washed his head and bound it up.
  • wretched I know you don't want to talk about it, and yet-and yet I feel I must tell you that what you told me is making me wretched , Jane.
  • Ached His back ached, his head ached, and he felt a trifle dazed.
  • Scotched It was a fitting finish for the scotched Carter Handicap.
  • Searched I searched for hours in vain.
  • Sketched It was when throwing in those trees yonder, I persuaded you to recall your farewell address to your borough friends; it was the same day that I sketched that figure there, that I showed you the great mistake of your present life.
  • Thatched So he made a pass at Tom, but that he butt by; and then, wheeling round unto his back, Tom gave him such a nice kick in the breech as sent the spark like a crow up in the air, whence he fell upon the ridge of a thatched house, and came down into a fish-pond, where he had certainly been drowned if it had not been for a poor shepherd, who was walking by that road, and, seeing him floating on the water, dragged him out with his hook, and home he returned like a drowned rat; whilst Tom enjoyed the kind embraces of his lady.
  • Watched They watched and waited.
  • Witched She's a-witched mun all; that's what it is; and now maybe," she added with a triumphant glance at the weeping Mrs. Mugford, "there's some as won't be so sartain as they was as to the doings of witches."
  • Snatched He snatched his arm away.
  • Starched So they had been, and for two hours had displayed manners as highly starched as their collars.
  • Swashed "I thought I'd try, so I turned over on my back and put my nose and mouth as high out of water as I could and tried to forget that my forehead was being swashed.
  • Switched When he had finished drinking and had set the empty glass upon her tray, she switched off the light without her usual "good-night," and left him.
  • stashed If you sell a hundred thousand copies of your book, you can get yourself a meal in a fairly good restaurant and Earth will have one more Galactic credit stashed away.
  • snitched "Quite a few have been snitched from Harvest Moon and various storage points by now.
  • devalorizing

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