What is the correct spelling for WUFY?

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Correct spellings for WUFY

  • buff As she spoke she slightly threw back her head crowned with luxuriant hair gathered into a simple knot behind, half closed her eyes, and stuck one thumb in the buff leather belt that confined her dark-blue linen blouse at the waist.
  • cuff I have not enough of it to finish this collar and cuff set I am making for you."
  • defy At this she gasped; she had risen her breath to deny or defy , and hung on the top of it without a voice. Come, Madam, come, all rest my powers defy, Until I labour, I in labour lie. – To His Mistress Going to Bed by John Donne
  • duff At this point Mr. Stewart Duff , who had come to convey his wife home, and had got tired waiting for her outside, entered the church.
  • guff Now stop your guff ; take the cash and cut along.
  • huff A huff , Sir Orkus, a huff -a passion.
  • huffy I absolutely curse them sometimes when I feel I haven't seen them for a century and they'll be getting huffy .
  • iffy
  • luff Designer, creator, captain; and I'm your First Luff ."
  • puff Eric was tired, and very glad indeed to seat himself near Ben, who continued to puff away at his pipe, as though he had nothing more to say.
  • puffy "I felt like cheering; but before I could retire Duveen turned, a bloody sight, and looked at me, out of puffy eyes.
  • ruff Upon the gray hair, which, parted in the middle, encircled the low forehead, was a cap, which had lost its whiteness and was, therefore, more in harmony with the ruff about her yellow, thin neck.
  • ufa Generalissimus Csika was instructed to occupy the Fort Ufa , with the troops who were entrusted to his care.
  • ufo
  • waft Perhaps a waft of wind floated them off the plates, said Brandon, climbing in over the window-ledge, and the servants restored them amiss.
  • wary The priests wore that "settish" look Bibbs's mother had seen beginning to develop about his mouth and eyes-a wary look which she could not define, but it comes with service at the temple; and it was the more marked upon Bibbs for his sharp awakening to the necessities of that service.
  • wavy The hair of all Indios is smooth and straightened out, and when it forms curves they are only feeble, and they make the whole outward appearance wavy or, at most, curled.
  • way I'm on my way home now.
  • weft Towards evening; stood rather nearer the shore than I wished, in consequence of seeing a weft , on which I sent a skiff to the Orankey, who said his cloves were ready, and should be brought aboard in the dark.
  • whey Dear Mother Goose, may I pass the curds and whey ?
  • why But why do I tell you this?
  • wife I'm that man's wife , not 'lady.
  • wily He took the horn, drank, and said: 54. So alone shouldst thou be, hadst thou strict and prudent been towards thy mate; but one I know, and, I think, know him well, a favoured rival of Hlorridi, and that is the wily Loki.
  • winy
  • wiry
  • wu
  • wuss
  • Buffy Tricksey-Wee and Buffy -Bob ran to his assistance, and laying hold each of one of his legs, succeeded, with the help of the other legs, which struggled spiderfully, in getting him out upon dry land.
  • Fy a mal'gam ate cheese e man'ci pate as sas'sin ate dirt e rad'i cate ca pac'i tate bleak e vac'u ate co ag'u late goad a ban'don ment con cat'e nate slouch in fat'u ate con fab'u late gone in val'i date con grat'ulate scarf be at'i fy con tam'i nate nerve pro cras'ti nate de cap'i tate raid re tal'i ate e jac'u late graze e vap'o rate e lab'o rate stale pre var'i cate
  • Turfy
  • Sufi
  • Duffy She had not had the spirit to refuse with Mrs. Duffy standing at her elbow.