What is the correct spelling for WURM?

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Correct spellings for WURM

  • arm I took Carpenter by the arm and put him in.
  • bum You and Bum keep her here.
  • burma To the tourist the one indispensable book is Murray's Handbook for Travelers in India, Ceylon and Burma , which is well provided with maps and plans of cities.
  • corm
  • dorm
  • farm The country, after all, is the best place for a man brought up on a farm .
  • firm "If you please not to touch me, it will be better," said the lady, not in a whisper, but a firm and quiet voice, although her hands were trembling; "you are come upon business, and you should do it."
  • form She appeared about fifteen years old, and was slight of form .
  • germ 11. No great inner event befalls those who summon it not; and yet is there germ of great inner event in the smallest occurrence of life.
  • guam Taking this view of the situation, the President had only one course open to him-to insist upon the annexation of the Philippines, Porto Rico and Guam .
  • gum "Do you want a stick of gum ," he asked the girl.
  • harm It would do no harm to try.
  • hum You're going to see things hum , Bill-you've just got around in time."
  • mum Shall I lay the things on the sofa, mum ?
  • norm That is, he will make that realm whose truths are of transcendent importance the norm , or standard, by which to interpret the facts of other realms, withholding interpretations until the facts of any other given realm can be interpreted in harmony with those primary truths which have been made forever secure by being scientifically verified.
  • perm She and the other prisoners condemned for criminal offences had travelled by rail and by steamboats as far as the town of Perm .
  • rum "It looks a rum place," said Dick.
  • sum Well, a very large sum .
  • swarm No attempt, indeed, could be made to tell in figures the myriads in which they swarm throughout space.
  • term Did you settle what we might almost term 'his hash'?"
  • tum "Tum adain Grannie," said the little girl, gravely.
  • war What could we understand of war when we might, if we pleased, return home at any moment?
  • ward Did Ward allow you to talk with Goddard?"
  • ware 2. No Freshman shall ware his hat in his Seniors Chamber, or in his own if his Senior be there.
  • warm Except for this sound the garden was fast held in the warm peace of a summer afternoon.
  • warn I have come to warn you!
  • warp Getting a stronger warp , they hauled up near enough to enable two of the men to jump on board.
  • wart
  • wary
  • wham
  • whim
  • wire
  • wiry
  • word
  • work
  • worm
  • wormy P-Q-R-little wormy thing-Oh, bother T-U-V-W-let's see, see-saw, X-wizie!
  • worn
  • wort
  • wpm
  • wu
  • wuss Why, we might ha' been drownded, and, what's wuss , never washed ashore."
  • Berm
  • Fum What I'm bound to tell you I've my private fears of, an' yet what I'm hopin' an' trustin' and prayin' the Lord will deliveh you fum-evm as a cawp'ate company-is the debasin' sin o' money greed.
  • Wore
  • Were
  • Whom
  • Swum She knew that an ominous hum was against Christian, because he had struck, and swum, and escaped as no other man could; she guessed how the roar went now because of Philip's evidence.
  • Wars Wars are, of course, as a rule to be avoided; but they are far better than certain kinds of peace.
  • warms
  • UM
  • RM
  • WM They bear the imprint of Wm .
  • YUM
  • we're "But that's what we're put here for.
  • dis-guise

3 words made from the letters WURM

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    wmur, wurm.