What is the correct spelling for WVWN?

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Correct spellings for WVWN

  • avon Entrance porches, of which one remains, projected from the sides of the church at Bradford-on-Avon: the outer and inner doorways of the north porch are extremely narrow, and are placed west of the centre of its north and south walls.
  • awn Not your mother, or you'd be in the boats making your awn living.
  • dawn I will not pretend to remember how I passed the hours till the dawn came.
  • down How good of them to come way down here, and how glad I shall be to see them!
  • even Say nothing, even to Sally, till I tell you.
  • fawn "I will not give them up," Pocahontas cried out in anger such as she had not shown for many a day; and to Sir Thomas's amazement, she turned her back upon his presence and sped, swift as a fawn, into the thicket which still covered a portion of the island.
  • gown If I wear my orange gown to-night will I look like Nancy?
  • lawn As she spoke, Joe Ratowsky came across the lawn.
  • oven She led her weeping husband within the snug little cottage, but when she looked in the oven she found another disappointment.
  • own I knit with my own wool, and sell the goods.
  • pawn You can leave your cane in pawn."
  • sewn On examination, a part of the lining of the coat was found to have been cut open and carefully sewn together again.
  • sown He has sown his wild oats, and got a title and estate, which makes a very great difference.
  • town 1784. Have you sold them for town girls, and got money for them?
  • van "I'll try to get over there late this afternoon and look in on her," Van de Vliet said.
  • wain From the day that his father's wain had entered the city amidst the acclamations of the people, he had learned the value of power, and therefore, from his boyhood onward, power, always more power, was what he coveted.
  • wan At the foot of the slope there was a wan gleam of water and beyond that in turn the prairie rolled away, vast and dim and shadowy, with a silver half-moon hanging low above its eastern rim.
  • warn Nobody there to warn her what sort of fellow Penderfield was-and if there had been she wouldn't have believed 'em.
  • wean The monks, then, are those who are trying to follow the teaching of Gaudama the Buddha, to wean themselves from the world, 'who have turned their eyes towards heaven, where is the lake in which all passions shall be washed away.
  • wen Wen I can't talk that way to a man, I won't have nothing to do with him.
  • when When you wish for me, I will come to see you.
  • win How many thought he could win?
  • wnw
  • won The great Carter was lost and won.
  • worn After a couple of hours of this he announced that he was worn out.
  • woven On the ground floor the windows that would otherwise look on to the street are blocked to almost half their height with a wire blind so closely woven that no one can see in, and it is not easy to see out.
  • wren When the sun had set, she faded away fast: now she was as small as a young wren.
  • wv
  • yawn She seemed half inclined to yawn, and the delicate left hand, with my ring flashing on it, came to her lips and closed them when they had barely parted.
  • Ween To chase away poverty, I ween, by means of abundance.
  • Wynn "This mech was clever all right," said Wynn.
  • Evan "We quarrelled," said Evan, in the same dead voice, "about religion."
  • Ivan Did you hear it, Ivan Andreievitch?"
  • Sven Old Sven was losing no time.
  • LVN

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