What is the correct spelling for XP?

If you frequently misspell "xp" and need some correct alternatives, consider using "expert", "experience" or "export" depending on the context. These options will make your writing more professional and avoid confusion caused by the misspelling.

Correct spellings for XP

  • AP The AP Stylebook is a widely used guide for journalists and writers.
  • BP BP is a multinational British oil and gas company.
  • dp
  • EXP I need to remember my password, including the EXP date.
  • gp My GP always makes sure that I'm healthy enough to play soccer.
  • JP JP is known for his impressive skills in programming and software development.
  • KP Come check out KP's new menu!
  • lp I bought an original LP of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" at a record store.
  • mp The mp of this camera is very high.
  • np
  • OP OP Pharmaceuticals is a leading global pharmaceutical company.
  • P
  • PP The PP is homework.
  • RP I RP with friends from all over the world.
  • SP
  • up She decided to get up early to go for a morning jog.
  • WP
  • X
  • xe
  • xi This is an xi article.
  • xl I am not wearing a size xl shirt.
  • XS That shirt is just too small, I would have been better off buying an XS.
  • xv
  • xx