What is the correct spelling for XS?

If you often find yourself accidentally typing "xs" instead of the intended word, here are some possible correct suggestions. These could include "is", "as" or "us". Remember to double-check your writing for any mistakes, as auto-correct might sometimes lead to unintended words being inserted.

Correct spellings for XS

  • as As the sun set over the horizon, the colors of the sky became more vibrant.
  • bs I don't tolerate any bs in my relationships.
  • cs
  • es Es ist die beste Zeit um mit ihm zu schlafen.
  • GS Every year, I look forward to the release of the new iPhone GS.
  • HS HS can stand for both "high school" and "heat stroke."
  • ks I keep thinking about what would have happened if I'd known about the ks before.
  • LS He had LS in college.
  • NS In case of an emergency, call NS.
  • os
  • ps "I forgot to mention in my last email that we will be having a company-wide meeting next Monday at 10 am. PS, don't forget to bring a notebook and pen!"
  • RS The RS model of the car comes with a sport-tuned suspension system.
  • S The word "S" is the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet.
  • ss
  • TS Our company supplies TS gates to meet the needs of our customers.
  • VS The VS Boys were born to be winners.
  • X I can't wait to get my new X-Box.
  • x's Last week, Mary cleaned out her closet and found a box of her ex-boyfriend's old clothes, including a few pairs of x's t-shirts.
  • xe I cannot believe he just confessed to xe.
  • XES In Germany, XES is the abbreviation for the word "exact".
  • xi At the end of the movie, the credits thanked Xi for her assistance in the film's production.
  • XIS
  • xl My parents bought me a XL shirt.
  • XS I prefer the small size of the XS.
  • xv The XV century was a time of great artistic and scientific advancements.
  • xx I'm xx years old.
  • ZS