What is the correct spelling for YA?

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Correct spellings for YA

  • aa Tale of the King Who Lost Kingdom and Wife and Wealth and Allah Restored Them to Him aa .
  • ba Besides our neerenesse to the King in loue, Is neere the hate of those loue not the King Ba .
  • ca The den of Ca cus was properly Ca -Chus, the ca vern or temple of Chus, out of which the poets, and later historians have formed a strange personage, whom they represent as a shepherd, and the son of Vulcan.
  • da "Whatsa da matta with you, hah?
  • ea God is great-is great-is great-ea- ea -eat!
  • fa Music offers her fa vours alike to the modest reader of the Tonic Sol-fa Notation, and to the pianist who can master the difficulties of the Beethoven Sonatas.
  • ga One day as Palmer was walking along the busy streets of Boston, he chanced to meet Lowell Mason, the famous musician and composer of Savannah, Ga .
  • ha Ha, my dear Ferdinand!
  • ia Julia slipped into the stall as her father was speaking and going up to the noble brute, put both arms around his neck and cuddled her check upon his shoulder.
  • la My wife took her to the spot, and on being shown it old Mrs. La Chaire exclaimed: "This is the most wonderful thing I have ever heard of.
  • ma "I am sorry, ma tante, but I am not feeling very well to-day.
  • na But this is na telling me why ye left my Leddy.
  • ra At thirteen miles we reached the western branch of Duck Creek, or "Marra," a name by which it is universally known to natives and stockmen.
  • sa Poor Crookleg am most used up, sa , most used up.
  • ta While official permission was, of course, necessary before the work could be undertaken, it was in fact a Cuban enterprise, due to the activity of the Junta de Fomento, or Society for Improvement.
  • va This was said piannisime across the table, and had the effect of increasing Mr. Oulahan's donation from five shillings to seven-the last two being pitched in very much in the style o a gambler making his final coup, and crying "va banque."
  • wa Oh, why are you here Ibago wa Agimlang who just came from your mother's womb?
  • yak George was off the wagon in an instant, and seeing the strange animal on the back of the yak , drew his gun, and two shots rang out almost at the same instant.
  • yam These consisted of clubs, spears, shields, drinking vessels, yam sticks, with other and all the usual appliances of well-furnished aboriginal gentlemen's establishments.
  • yap A broad embroidered bell-pull, twitched, gave rise to one clanging sound within the abode of the Foas, and the clanging sound reacted upon a small dog which yap ped loudly and continued to yap until the visitors had entered and the door been closed again.
  • yaw As the Orion lost way by shortening sail, the frigate came up; and, when judged to be sufficiently advanced, orders were given to yaw the Orion, and stand by the starboard guns, which were double-shotted.
  • yb
  • yea They are all yea and amen in Christ Jesus..
  • yr N. Y., for yr .
  • Y's It was Mary's fashion to look the world in the eye and say what she was doing.
  • Ya That night when my mother went to Ya mashiro-ya to apologize, she brought back that sleeve.
  • Ye That's what ye are."
  • Yt Mr. Grevell is absent, and I am tyed so as I cannot styrr, but shall be at the wourse for yt, these two dayes!"
  • YO To the south of Bontoc are the Quiangan Igorot, the Banawi division of which, at least, names itself May'-yo-yet, but whom Bontoc calls "I-fu-gao'."
  • YD
  • acculturing