What is the correct spelling for YARES?

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Correct spellings for YARES

  • ares At last while doubtfully he all compares, He saw near hand, as he imagin'd Ares . – Tom May's Death by Andrew Marvell
  • aries "I was thinking that the sun, which hid his face at noonday, must at that time have been in Aries , the Ram.
  • caress Clasp me a little longer on the brink Of fate! while I can feel thy dear caress; And when this heart hath ceased to beat--oh! think, And let it mitigate thy wo's excess, – Gertrude of Wyoming by Thomas Campbell
  • caries
  • ceres The Ceres drifted almost on board us; we slipped our cables, and with difficulty escaped the Goodwin Sands.
  • res
  • varese These, indeed, are but chapels in imitation of our own Holy Sepulchre, and cannot compare with it neither in opulence nor in importance; still those of Varese and Oropa are of some note and wealth.
  • wares For arrogance and hatred are the wares Peddled in the thoroughfares. – A Prayer For My Daughter by William Butler Yeats
  • yaws A tincture of rusty red hovered like smoke coloured by the furnace that produces it, in the west, but the night had drawn down quick and dark; the washing noise of the water was sharp, the wind piercingly cold; each sweep of the schooner's masts to windward was followed by a dull roaring of the blast rushing out of the hollows of the canvas, and she swung to the seas with wild yaws , but with regularity sufficient to prove the strict government of the helm.
  • years They pass, the sensitive, shy years, As one who strives to dance, half blind with tears. – The Years by Sara Teasdale
  • yerkes Mr. Yerkes , of Chicago, was a speculator who made millions in the street-car system.
  • yes But please tell me yes without some of this stress – You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) by rihanna
  • yore Whose ancestors, in days of yore, Thro' hostile ranks and ruin'd gaps Old Scotia's bloody lion bore: Ev'n I who sing in rustic lore, – Address To Edinburgh by Robert Burns
  • ypres
  • Areas Streakin' through the ever murky streets of the urbanized areas Blastin' out the speakers is the hip hop hysteria – Verses from the Abstract by a tribe called quest
  • shares
  • Yates There was Betty Morrison and Jean Yates , who were in that custom for many years.
  • pares What then would become of our ancient Privilege to be tryed per pares ?
  • yarns You wouldn't like to see old Abe die of untold yarns ."
  • varies From the nature of its formation, coal varies much in purity.
  • cares But he likes him; if there's anything in the world he cares for, it's that boy!
  • dares Then bitterly outspoke the King, Through purple lips of wrath- "What shall be done to her who dares To cross your monarch's path?"
  • hares There was no end to the hares Milner killed.
  • yaks Restlessness of the yaks .
  • yards It was perhaps thirty yards distant, and they reached it before either of them spoke.
  • tires Then one never tires of gazing at the beautiful homes so charmingly embowered amidst their grand old trees and spacious grounds adorned with many flowers, in brilliant masses of various colors.
  • yearns It smiles and laughs aloud- For Love's desire, freedom's bliss, it yearns .
  • yams Next to these come the farmers, whose rough agriculture consists in the cultivation of maize, bananas, yams , and pumpkins; and lastly, the gold-seekers.
  • bares And then there are sinister days, when the earth is a hideous place, when even the thought of immortality is unbearable, and life itself a burden; when all that is riotous and unlawful comes forth and bares itself to the light.
  • YAPS The dog, returned from the terrors of his unequal chase at the sound of Melissa's voice, looked and winked and wagged his approval, and the two comrades darted up the bank with mingled and highly similar yaps of release.
  • YRS Well of course he didn't start nothing but just said he would get back at me if it took him till the duration of the war and I told some of the other boys about putting it over on him and they couldn't hardly help from smileing but he acts like a baby and don't speak to me and I suppose maybe he thinks that makes me feel bad but I got to be 25 yrs.
  • PRES Widely diverse, for example, as are the criticisms popularly expressed on what is known as the "Indian policy" of Pres .
  • FARES These enquiries will include the cost of passage-money, railway fares, outfit, together with every kind of information required by an emigrant.
  • MARES These Hippai, misconstrued mares, were priestesses of the Goddess Hippa, who was of old worshipped in Thessaly, and Thrace, and in many different regions.
  • ORES The women, disengaged from mere drudgery, were thus profitably employed in dressing the ores, a work which required skill and judgement in the selection.
  • RARES "Il n'y a que des livres rares" is his constant exclamation-as you open his glazed doors, and stretch forth your hand to take down his treasures.
  • tares Alas, a foul first steam of trodden tares , And fouler of these late grapes underfoot.
  • yeses
  • lyres
  • taros
  • byres
  • parers
  • acuities
  • addings
  • alterities
  • coolheadednesses

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