What is the correct spelling for YODLE?

If you're mistakenly searching for "yodle", try "yodel" instead. This correct spelling refers to the traditional form of music where singers produce distinct high and low tones in a rapid alternation. Embrace the melodic alpine atmosphere and enjoy the enchanting yodeling performances from various cultures around the world.

Correct spellings for YODLE

  • addle The hot weather seemed to addle his brain.
  • Boodle The match was rather one-sided and the boodle was too tempting to resist.
  • coddle My grandmother tends to coddle me too much whenever I visit her.
  • doddle Cleaning my room was a doddle because I had already organized everything the day before.
  • dole The dole office is open to all eligible citizens.
  • doodle Mark painted a doodle on his whiteboard.
  • Doyle The murder weapon was a knife that was found on the crime scene - which was further evidence linking Doyle to the murder.
  • godly No one knows what happened to Godly.
  • idle He goes to the market on Tuesday morning when he has some idle time.
  • ladle I'm going to take the ladle and scoop the soup into a bowl.
  • module The module williams has a selection of modules for all occasions.
  • noddle
  • nodule The doctor found a small nodule on my thyroid during my routine checkup.
  • noodle I can't seem to stop eating the noodle soup.
  • poodle I saw a poodle walking down the street with its owner.
  • sidle The nervous mouse tried to sidle past the cat without being noticed.
  • toddle After a year of crawling, babies usually begin to toddle around on their own two feet.
  • Tole Tole is a town in California.
  • yale I went to Yale University.
  • YODA Yoda is a beloved character in the Star Wars franchise known for his wisdom and teachings.
  • yodel It's also possible to yodel without the use of a whistle.
  • Yodeled The yodeled disk jockey was a most delightful addition to the park.
  • yodeler The yodeler's unique voice echoed through the valleys and mountains.
  • yodels Whenever she's happy, she yodels a tune from her childhood.
  • yowl The stray cat let out a loud yowl as it was chased by a pack of dogs.
  • yowled I yowled in surprise when I saw the dog.
  • yule During yule, families often exchange gifts and engage in festivities.