What is the correct spelling for YOI?

For the misspelling "yoi", there are two possible correct suggestions. The first one is "you", which is the correct pronoun for referring to someone. The second suggestion could be "yo", which is commonly used as a casual greeting or as an expression of surprise.

Correct spellings for YOI

  • MOI
  • OI Oi, stop making noise and let me study!
  • poi I watched as the fire dancer skillfully twirled the poi around her body.
  • YO "Yo, what's up?" asked the surfer as he greeted his friends.
  • yob Down at the yob-party I met a gang of thugs.
  • yogi I recently met a yogi in my yoga class.
  • yon I see an elk yon in the woods.
  • You "You are doing a great job," the boss said to the employee.
  • Yow "Yow, that hurt!" exclaimed the young boy as he stubbed his toe on the table leg.