What is the correct spelling for YOUGHN?

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Correct spellings for YOUGHN

  • John 163 Selden, John , v. But now I'm John and so dear friends you'll just have to carry on The Dream is over – God by Unknown Author
  • kuhn He paid frequent visits to the offices of Sylvester, Kuhn , and Graves in Pine Street.
  • mourn "You mourn like a dog," King told him. Then in a wailful choir the small gnats mourn Among the river sallows, borne aloft Or sinking as the light wind lives or dies; And full-grown lambs loud bleat from hilly bourn; – To Autumn by John Keats
  • noun Number is that inflection of the noun by which we indicate whether it represents one or more than one.
  • yarn That's the one; an' the yarn he tells must be pretty nigh true, 'cause he met Parsons an' Robinson, an' accordin' to his story they bought his rifle, leavin' it with him till such time as they want to claim it.
  • yawn "There is no knowing," admitted Colville, with his air of suppressing a half-developed yawn , "but I think we know, all the same-you and I, Marquis.
  • yearn Thus are all things seen to yearn In due time for due return; And no order fixed may stay, Save which in th' appointed way Joins the end to the beginning In a steady cycle spinning.
  • yoga My lifelong dream of a permanently endowed yoga educational center stood fulfilled.
  • yogi As Sri Yukteswar, a modern Yogi -Christ, reached the spot where Dijen and I were speechlessly rooted, Master smiled at my friend and remarked: "I sent you a message too, but you were unable to grasp it."
  • yon Was yon you upo' the ro'd afore me, Aggie?
  • young "That young woman's a wonder.
  • younger Now, why the women can't have a little mercy on the younger people is something I cannot understand at all.
  • youth Or look of youth , as he understood presently.
  • yuan Taiwan unicameral Legislative Yuan (225 seats - 168 elected by popular vote, 41 elected on basis of proportion of islandwide votes received by participating political parties, 8 elected from overseas Chinese constituencies on basis of proportion of island-wide votes received by participating political parties, 8 elected by popular vote among aboriginal populations; members serve three-year terms) and unicameral National Assembly (300 seat nonstanding body; delegates nominated by parties and elected by proportional representation six to nine months after Legislative Yuan calls to amend Constitution, impeach president, or change national borders) note: the number of seats in the legislature may be reduced from 225 to 113 beginning with the election in 2007 if a proposed constitutional amendment is approved elections: Legislative Yuan - last held 11 December 2004 (next to be held in December 2007) according to proposed constitutional amendment election results: Legislative Yuan - percent of vote by party - DPP 38%, KMT 35%, PFP 15%, TSU 8%, other parties and independents 4%; seats by party - DPP 89, KMT 79, PFP 34, TSU 12, other parties 7, independents 4
  • yukon
  • You "What you tryin' to do?
  • Your What is your name, sir?
  • Yours That's how I like yours better!"
  • Vaughn Monsignor Vaughn is the private chaplain of the Pope.
  • Yong I have sent vnto yo^{r} L. herin Inclosed the Copye off the declarac off Mr Tatnall, off two that passed the fylde thys mornyg wherof some Suspycyon may be gathered off confederacy he observed them so as he hopeth he may mete w^{th} them and therfore I have gevin hym a warrant to attach them a lyke note yo^{r} L shall receave herin off an expectacn that M^{rs} Vaux hadd off some thyng to be done and I know yt by such a means as I assured my selff the matter is trewe and both Gerrard and Walley the Jesuyte make that the chefest place of their accesse and therfore lyke she may knowe Some what both M^{r} Wenman hym selff & the lady Tasbard do knowe of this wherfore howe farre forth thys shalbe fytt to be dealt in I humbly leave to yo^{r} L consyderacn Chrystoffer Wright and M^{r} Ambrose Rokewood were both together yesternyght at x of the Clocke and vpon ffryday last at nyght they were together at M^{r} Rokwoode lodgyng and this forenoon Rokwood Rode away into Suffolke about xj of the clocke alone leavyng both hys men behynd hym one Keyes a Gentylma that lay these two last nyghte w^{th} m^{r} Rokewood and gave hym hys lodgyng went away also about eight off the clocke for w^{ch} Keyes I have layed weyet This Rokwood ys of Coldham hall in Suffoke one of the most dangerous houses in Suffolke he marryed m^{r} Tyrwhytte Syster & she ys now in Warwykshere Chrystoffer Wright as I thyncke lay this last nyght in St. Gyles and yf he be gone yt ys Lyke he ys gone into Warwykesher where I hyer John Wryght Brother unto Chrystoffer ys marryed ther were thre hatts bought yesterday in the afternoone by Chrystoffer Wryght the ar for his Brother and two others for two Gentylwomen they cost xj^{L} and after that about ix of the Clocke at nyght Chrystoffer Wryght cam again to that haverdasshers and Boughte two hatts more for two Servante unto a Gentylman that was w^{th} hym he thyncks that Gentylman was called Wynter but I dowbt that mans name ys mystaken Ther cam a yong Gentylman w^{th} this wryght w^{th}in these fewe dayes that gave to Cutler here by xix^{L} xv^{s} for a Sword whom I am in some hoep to dyscover by the Sword and other cyrcumstance and even so I humbly take my leave of yo^{r} L at Serienty Inn the v^{th} of november 1605.
  • You've And you've looked at me!
  • YUGO
  • YOUS "Sapre! I'll no bet yous head-you Leon-for nobodee want heem, axcep' for play ping-pong," screamed the enraged Toiney.
  • you'd Vaniman, you'd better do your talking first.
  • you'll You'll never know work as I knew it.
  • you're "I hope that you're right.

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