What is the correct spelling for ZELCH?

If you meant to spell "zelch" but realized it's incorrect, fear not! The correct alternatives to consider are "wealth", "stealth" or "welch". These words have distinct meanings and can enhance your writing if used appropriately. Remember, spell-check tools can save you from such slip-ups in the future!

Correct spellings for ZELCH

  • belch I had to cover my nose when the man let out a loud belch after drinking a can of soda.
  • filch The thief managed to filch the diamond necklace from the jewelry store unnoticed.
  • gulch The hiker got stuck in the gulch and had to call for help.
  • leach The chemicals in the landfill were starting to leach into the groundwater.
  • Lech Lech Walesa was the leader of the anti-government protests in Poland in the 1980s.
  • leech The doctor removed the leech that had attached itself to the hiker's leg during the trek.
  • milch The cows produced a lot of milch during spring season.
  • mulch I will mow the lawn, but first I will need to apply a layer of mulch to protect the grass.
  • welsh I am from Wales, therefore I am Welsh.
  • Zelig He was Zelig for the day.
  • Zelma Zelma ran as fast as she could away from the lab.
  • zilch The cat had lain in the middle of the road for hours and there was zilch to indicate that a car had