What is the correct spelling for ZELDER?

If you've misspelled "zelder", fret not! Here are some possible correct suggestions: "elder", "felder" or perhaps even "melder". Whether you're aiming for an old age reference, a surname or something else, these alternatives should assist in capturing the intended meaning.

Correct spellings for ZELDER

  • alder The alder tree provides essential habitat for many different species of birds and insects.
  • balder
  • bolder She decided to wear a bolder outfit to the party to impress her crush.
  • calder Alexander Calder was an American sculptor best known for his abstract mobiles and wire sculptures.
  • colder The weather is getting colder and I need to start wearing a jacket.
  • elder The elder of the family is respected for their wisdom and guidance.
  • fielder The fielder made a spectacular diving catch to save the game for his team.
  • folder
  • gilder The gilder carefully adds gold leaf to the frame.
  • holder I am the holder of this key.
  • leader The leader of the team guided them through the difficult terrain, ensuring everyone made it to the finish line safely.
  • milder He felt milder after drinking the tea.
  • molder I need to find a new molder for my project.
  • older He is a few years older than me.
  • seder The Seder is a festive meal that commemorates the Passover.
  • seeder The seeder was equipped with precision technology to plant seeds at optimal intervals.
  • seller The seller of this product is offering a discount for bulk purchases.
  • sender The sender must ensure that the recipient receives the message on time.
  • solder I need to solder the wires onto the board.
  • welder The welder is responsible for attaching metal parts together.
  • welter In the welter of colors, Jane found herself lost.
  • Wielder The wielder of the sword was victorious.
  • wilder The wilderness was getting wilder as we trekked through the forest.