What is the correct spelling for ZELLAH?

If you have come across the misspelling "Zellah" and are looking for correct alternatives, a few suggestions come to mind. Consider "Zelda", a popular name or "Zella", a similar-sounding option. Alternatively, you could go for "Zelah", a unique variation. Choosing the correct spelling ultimately depends on personal preference.

Correct spellings for ZELLAH

  • Allah Muslims believe that Allah is the one and only God and that Muhammad is his messenger.
  • Bella Bella is always the first one to volunteer to help.
  • Beulah Beulah is the name of a character in a popular novel.
  • Cellar I was scared to go into the dark, damp cellar to fetch the vacuum cleaner.
  • Delilah Delilah was the name of Samson's lover who betrayed him to the Philistines in the Bible stories.
  • Della Della was thrilled when she received the promotion she had been working so hard for.
  • Ella Ella is the name of the main character in the popular novel "Ella Enchanted."
  • Fella I'm meeting up with a fella from work for drinks later.
  • Fellas "Fellas, can we talk about our plans for the weekend?"
  • Gullah Gullah is a creole language spoken by African Americans in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and Georgia.
  • Hallah Hallah is a traditional Jewish bread eaten on Shabbat and other holidays.
  • Hellas Hellas is another name for Greece.
  • Mullah The mullah delivered a powerful sermon at the mosque on Friday.
  • Ullah "Ullah was surprised by the sudden change in weather."
  • Wallah "I swear, I didn't take it," protested the boy with his hand raised, "Wallah."
  • Zelda Zelda is the name of a beloved video game character.
  • Zella
  • Zelma