What is the correct spelling for ZERQA?

If you're wondering how to correct the misspelling "zerqa", here are a couple of suggestions. One option could be "Zara", a popular name of Arabic origin. Another possibility is "Zarqa", a city in Jordan known for its historical significance. Take these suggestions into consideration when looking to rectify the misspelling.

Correct spellings for ZERQA

  • Beria Lavrentiy Beria was a high-ranking Soviet politician and former chief of the Soviet security and secret police apparatus.
  • Berra Yogi Berra, the legendary baseball player, was known for his humorous and insightful quotes.
  • Berta Berta was thrilled when she received a promotion at work.
  • CERFA You will need to fill out a CERFA form to apply for a driving license renewal.
  • ERA Her skill set was perfectly suited for the digital era.
  • Era The Renaissance era witnessed a tremendous advancement in art, science and humanism.
  • ERBA The ERBA machine is known for its reliable and efficient performance in blood testing.
  • EREA
  • Erma Erma is a talented artist who has painted several beautiful landscapes.
  • Erna Erna is known for her contagious laughter and positive energy.
  • Hera Hera, the goddess of marriage and childbirth, was known for her wrath and vindictiveness.
  • Serra Serra is an accomplished artist who has exhibited her stunning paintings in galleries worldwide.
  • Terra The explorers set foot on the unfamiliar terrain of Terra, ready to uncover its secrets.
  • Vera Vera is a talented artist whose paintings always leave a lasting impression.
  • Verna Verna was known for her generosity and would always lend a helping hand to those in need.
  • Versa I prefer to wear my black dress both ways, as it can be worn frontwards or backwards, versa- tile style.
  • Yerba I made a refreshing iced green tea with yerba mate leaves.
  • Zara Zara is my favorite clothing brand because their designs are always trendy and stylish.
  • Zebra The zebra gracefully moved through the tall grass of the savannah.
  • Zelda Zelda is known for its captivating storyline and iconic characters.
  • Zelma Zelma is a dedicated teacher who always goes above and beyond to help her students succeed.
  • Zero The temperature outside dropped below zero last night.
  • Zeros All the students were disappointed when they saw zeros on their math tests.
  • Zeta The team reached the Zeta quadrant after weeks of exploration.
  • Zora Zora sat quietly in the corner, engrossed in her favorite book.