What is the correct spelling for ZEV?

If you happen to misspell "zev", there are a few possible suggestions to consider. One option could be "zeal", which means great enthusiasm or passion. Another alternative might be "zebu", referring to a type of cattle found in Africa. Lastly, "zero" is often confused with "zev" due to their similar pronunciation. Double-checking spellings can save potential confusion!

Correct spellings for ZEV

  • AEV
  • BEV
  • CEV
  • DEV The dev team is working on fixing the bug in the new software.
  • eV The energy unit used in atomic and molecular physics is eV or electron volt.
  • EV Many automobile manufacturers are investing in the development of EVs to meet increasing demand for eco-friendly vehicles.
  • GEV
  • HEV The HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) is becoming more popular among environmentally conscious car buyers.
  • JEV
  • LEV
  • MeV The kinetic energy of a proton in the LHC can be as high as several teraelectronvolts (TeV), which corresponds to around 100 billion times the rest mass energy of the proton,
  • NEV
  • PEV
  • QEV
  • REV The car's engine roared with the sound of the revving RPMs.
  • SEV
  • TEV
  • ZED In some countries, such as Canada and the United Kingdom, the letter "Z" is pronounced as "zed" instead of "zee".
  • ZEE
  • ZEF
  • ZEN I practice yoga and meditation for inner peace and a sense of Zen.
  • ZEP